November 18, 2015

Anonymous Releases "How to Hack ISIS" Guide, Terrorists Respond with "How to Stay Safe"

Despite being mocked in the beginning, the cyber-war between Anonymous and ISIS is now escalating, with the former releasing a guide on how to find and hack ISIS members. Meanwhile, the terrorist group responded by sharing pieces of advice on how to prevent getting compromised online.
Anonymous declared war on ISIS three days ago, after the terrorists carried out their infamous attacks in Paris, last Friday. The hackers started by discovering and taking down 5,500 Twitter accounts and setting up a special website where people could search or contributing to their database of known ISIS members.
Today, the group has also opened a public IRC channel, where they've published a set of three guides on how other hackers as well as regular people can help their cause. They are:
NoobGuide: A guide that explains the basic principles of DDoSing, WiFi deauth, password cracking, and various other hacking terms.
ReporterGuide: It covers launching a reporter bot against a list of Twitter account IDs for discovering, reporting, and taking down ISIS-related accounts.
SearcherGuide: A guide explaining how people can help Anonymous find more ISIS websites/pages/information.

ISIS: Anonymous are idiots

In response to this, ISIS has not stayed quiet on its front hoping that all the hoopla goes away. The terrorist group operates mainly via Telegram accounts, despite rumors of them using the PS4 network to coordinate attacks.
The Hacker News staff managed to infiltrate one of the terrorist group's Telegram channels and took a snapshot of some countermeasures ISIS members were sharing with each other.
The tips are some of the lamest and n00bish recommendations you'll read and show the group's lack of cyber skills.
The masterminds of ISIS' cyber operations recommend that their members don't "talk to strangers" on Twitter and Telegram, or open links from unknown sources. Additionally, they also say that members should change the VPN's IP as often as possible and also avoid using their email username as their Twitter handle.

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