November 04, 2015

Daily Beast: Obama, Hillary Toying With Civil War Over Guns

Since both Obama and Hillary Clinton have both touted Australia’s ‘buy back’ program, many go the next step and make the connection to gun confiscation.
Let’s face it, the people of Australia did NOT willingly give up their firearms, they were forced to.
Australia’s program was not a voluntary ‘buy back’ program, it was forced confiscation.

Even the Daily Beast is actually admitting that in a recently posted article by James Kirchick.

From the Daily Beast:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told an audience in New Hampshire last month that “Australia is a good example” of gun-control laws, so much so that it “would be worth considering” the Antipodean solution here in the United States. She, too, neglected to mention the obligatory nature of the gun buyback scheme.
The following week, after having explicitly praised gun confiscation, however, she mocked the National Rifle Association for supposedly scaring its members into thinking that “they’re the only thing that’s going to stop the black helicopters from landing in the front yard and people’s guns being seized.”
Holding up Australia as a model of sensible gun policy without mentioning how that government forced its citizens to turn over their weapons is like praising Chinese population-control efforts without mentioning the one-child policy.
From Breitbart:
On November 2, The Daily Beast pointed to recent statements from President Obama and Hillary Clinton regarding the implementation of Australian-style gun confiscation and suggested “civil war could erupt on American soil” if any administration actually tried to confiscate privately owned firearms.
The Daily Beast theoretically agreed that “confiscation on a massive scale” may be “the only way to solve American gun violence,” but they pointed out that it was not realistic and suggested Hillary risks causing irreparable divisions by talking about confiscation then mocking gun owners as conspiracy theorists waiting for “black helicopters” to come take their guns away.
According to The Daily Beast, confiscation was workable in Australia because there was no Second Amendment and the government only had to take 650,000 guns. That is a far cry from the “350 million” believed to be in Americans’ hands.
Watch Hillary tout Australia’s confiscation programs here:
Now that Obama, Clinton and failed governor from Maryland Martin O’Malley have all come out for this confiscation scheme, other organizations like Bloomberg’s Moms Demand and Everytown are also citing this.

They like to claim it’s voluntary but they know, as well as gun owners, that this program was not.

Imagine the government forcibly trying to take the firearms of almost 100 MILLION law-abiding citizens in a country that has a document which guarantees citizens the ‘right to bear arm?’
It almost seems as if they are itching for a 2nd Revolution.

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