November 02, 2015

Liberal Group Posted THIS Meme, But BACKFIRES Big Time

The Coffee Party, a liberal Facebook group with nearly a million fans, posted this meme of Thomas Paine, one of America’s founding fathers.
While I’m glad to see anyone studying the Founding, it looks like the message was lost on a majority of their left-leaning audience.
Below are 11 of the best comments from their readers, with my responses:
1. “That is exactly like trying to reason with a republikkklan”
-Ed. You know the KKK was founded by Democrats, right?
2. “Thomas Paine must have anticipated the Tea Party!”
-Ed. Yes, he did – the original Tea Party that you’ve obviously never heard of.
3. “This describes the entire GOP these days.”
-Ed. Because only one Party has exclusive jurisdiction on human stupidity.
4. “The Tea party is all about this! lol”
-Ed. Again, see the original Tea Party.
5. “that’s why arguing with a republican is such a waste of time.”
-Ed. Clearly, you meant “Republican,” not “republican.” There’s a big difference. Try again.
6. “and thus we have the teanderthals.”
-Ed. Clever. I’m beginning to see that the “Coffee Party” just really, really, hates tea and that this group has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Just beverages. 

7. “so like anyone who thinks trump should be president”
-Ed. Skip.
8. “You cannot reason with the unreasonable. That’s why I forgive terrorists, suicidideists, and especially hardcore Christians.”
-Ed. I can’t even…
9. “Talking to your conservative friends gets the same results! Just give it up!”
-Ed. Yes, just surround yourself with totally like-minded people because…diversity?
10. “Thank you. Just what I need at this point after all the Republican crying about the media this week and people who continue to support Republican candidates.”
-Ed. Read more about the Founding. You might become a Republican, too.
11. “To the GOP, reason is treason. Death to all fascists everywhere…”
– Ed. Follow the logic closely here. Republicans are traitors and fascists because they abandon reason. Therefore, the “reasonable” thing is to murder half the country.

There must be something in the coffee…

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