November 19, 2015

New Islamic State video celebrates Paris attacks, warns of strike in New York

Days after carrying out the ghastly Paris terror attacks, the Islamic State has released a new video in which it celebrates the strikes in the French capital and warns of more violence in the future.
The video, released by ISIS’s media arm the Furat Media Center, shows several men speaking in Arabic and French and congratulating the group for the Paris attacks.
The footage also shows French President Francois Hollande’s address in the aftermath of the Paris attacks last week. Also mixed in are scenes from an older video of New York City.
An ISIS militant is then heard saying the Paris attacks were just the beginning.
The video then moves to show scenes of New York's Times Square and hints at an impending attack there.
The video, which runs for nearly six minutes, appears to show a suicide bomber making preparations and zipping up a leather jacket.
The clip shows a brief glimpse of Times Square, a Midtown Manhattan crossroads popular with tourists, and a suicide bomber holding what appears to be a trigger.
The FBI and New York Police have said they are aware of the newly released Islamic State video suggesting America's most populous city is a potential target of attacks such as those in Paris last week, but both agencies denied there were specific threats.

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