November 18, 2015

Powerful Meme Reveals Why Sharing Political Posts is IMPORTANT (8 Pics)

 Russ Hepler discusses whether the West is committing suicide over political correctness:
How many more attacks by radical Islamic terrorists will it take for western Europe and America to wake up to the fact that we are in a war? (See list)
How many more dead bodies in the streets and crumbled building ruins will it take for the few remaining Democratic nations of the world to come together as one – like we did in 2 world wars – and fight this growing evil that is hell-bent on destroying all of civilized society?
 Have secular socialism and “political correctness” completely crushed the dreams of freedom, peace, and self-government from the lives of hundreds of millions?
These are real, necessary, and pressing questions we need to ask ourselves given this latest radical Islamic terror attack in France.
Breitbart has more thoughts on this:
The most basic, primitive honor a nation owes to its dead is to fight to defend itself—to defeat the enemy and win. And yet the West won’t.
The West is hanging on by a thread and doesn’t even know it. We are living off the fumes of the accomplishments of our forefathers and those who fought and died in the cause of freedom and individual rights. But the thread is wearing thin. Time is just about running out.
After the murderous jihad attacks in Paris comes the predictable Western response: not resolute self-defense, but weepy candlelight vigils, protestations of unity, and hashtags. After the jihad attacks in Garland, Texas, Chattanooga, the University of California Merced, and scores of arrests of American Muslims working for ISIS (the FBI has 900 ISIS-related investigations currently ongoing), our top priority should be to crush the enemy.
Instead, we get pathos and pitiful memes. NBC reported: “Paris residents were using the hashtag #PorteOuverte — French for ‘open door’—on Twitter to offer safe haven to strangers stranded after a string of deadly attacks Friday night.” Everyone is congratulating himself over this hashtag. “Twitter users in other countries,” NBC added, “also began using the hashtag to share their delight that social media was being used for a good cause”—colossal stupidity.
“Share their delight?” This delight is misplaced. I would expect nothing less than that Parisians should offer safe haven: just because savages are at war with us doesn’t mean that we should be less human.
This hashtag is just the latest in an endless stream of manifestations of the sophomoric, embarrassing, preening self-indulgence that is endemic in our sick culture. It is reminiscent of “Boston Strong”: Really? How? After the Boston Marathon jihad bombings, the media and Boston elites refused to call the attack jihad. The Boston city government refused repeatedly to run our American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) counter-jihad ads, but run vicious Jew-hatred ads regularly. We are en route to the Supreme Court compelling Boston to run our ads. What’s strong about Boston? What stand did Boston take against jihad?
Equally revolting is the Eiffel Tower peace symbol that is circulating around. Do the leftists think the ISIS jihadis will see this and lay down their arms? If the Christians and Yazidis in Syria make the peace sign, will all be well? If the kidnapped schoolgirls—now sex slaves—make the peace sign, will they be freed? Such idiocy is an affront to every freedom-loving human being.

This is absolutely right.  The response to this evil has been cartoonish, at best.
 Perhaps the main fault lies with a weak, inept, wrong-headed ideology-driven President who can’t even utter the words “radical Islamic terrorist.”
Or perhaps, Obama and his European socialist minions are enjoying the fall of western capitalism and democracy.  Their plan is the “fundamental transformation” of the planet built on atheistic, Marxist utopian ideals.
It is possible that they see radical Islam as the vehicle to do do their dirty work for them – destroying the last vestiges of freedom on the planet.
Once that is accomplished, they will destroy the destroyer and take control of the empire.  It is right out of every tyrant’s playbook.
Barack Obama is still a young man.  Is he to go quietly into retirement after the Oval Office?  He doesn’t have Bill Clinton’s penchant for debauchery, fraud, greed, and avarice, so that won’t keep him content like it has Bill.
No, Obama has already set his sights on greater glory – the planet is next after he is done decimating America.  I wrote some time ago here about what makes Obama tick.
So, what’s to stop this headlong rush into history’s abyss?  Are we past the point of no return?
No, actually the solution is very simple.  America has to be America again.  If we return to our foundations as espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, we can undo all the damage Obama has done over the past 6 years and socialist progressives have done to America and the west over the past century.
 It starts with the Declaration’s “Inalienable Rights” – those freedoms given by God that no other human being or institution has the right to infringe upon or take away.
“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” – these are goals for everyday life, not just high-sounding platitudes.

It also involves those pesky first 10 additions to the Constitution – The Bill of Rights.
If the first 5 Freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment aren’t restored to America, we have no hope whatsoever.
Every one of them is under assault today by the radical left that has infested all of our public institutions.
Without the freedom to practice our religion, especially the Christian religion, in everyday American life, no other freedoms will follow.  That’s why the Founders listed it first and foremost.
 Now, the “gender-confused”, with the help of 5 jaded lawyers in black robes, have declared that this first right is subjugate to “feelings” no matter how psychologically unbalanced they may be.
Campus protesters are now demanding the Freedom of the Press be suppressed in cuddly-feely “safe zones” where people can have their naive views expressed without fear of debate or examination.
And, don’t get me started on what he left has been attempting to do with the 2nd Amendment for decades.
This is the “firewall” that stops the totalitarian “viruses” from overwhelming American Freedom.
 Why do think President Obama has done everything he can to destroy the 2nd Amendment and anyone who espouses it?
I could go on and on citing examples that most people who aren’t “Kool-Aid” drinkers already know.

But, the truth is – this game of “Russian Roulette” the west has been playing with our civilization to appease the “enlightened” socialist, political correctness crowd has to end.
We need to pull the gun down from our own head, reload the empty chambers with bullets, and start pointing it at those who want to kill us.
Sadly, it has come down to “us or them.”  Let’s at least make sure it isn’t us who go down into oblivion.
No real American wants war; but all real Americans realize we must win all wars every time we are attacked.
 It is time send radical Islamic terrorists back to the Middle Ages where they belong.
Any Presidential candidate who can’t see this now, doesn’t deserve our support.
And finally, we need to reclaim our institutions – governments, schools, churches, and media from the radical left.  Their 60s radicalism belongs in a museum of past failures, not at the forefront of cultural indicators.
America’s best days are still ahead if we get back to the blueprints our Founders gave us.  All it takes is for real Americans to demand our Constitutional rights be honored again and the removal from office all of those who refuse to acknowledge our right to them.

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