November 22, 2015

The Next Time A Liberal Says “Refugees,” Show Them THIS

From Breitbart:
Yet another poll, this one from no less than the Washington Post and ABC News, shows that the DC Media’s propaganda campaign to make the Paris terror attacks about racism, refugees, and Republicans, has failed miserably. By wide margins the American people want action, not more refugees.
Only 43% of Americans are in favor of additional Syrian refugees, while a clear majority of 54% oppose the idea. A majority of 52% are “dubious” about the government’s ability to properly screen refugees that ISIS has promised to seed with terrorists; and after watching the roll-out of ObamaCare and the collapse of the Veterans Administration, who can blame them.

On the action front, huge majorities are in direct opposition to President Obama’s non-action.
A whopping 73% support U.S. participation in a military response to ISIS. The same number want increased airstrikes. Up from 37%, a full 60% now want an increased use of ground forces against ISIS. The basis for this appears to be the fear of 81% that a major terror attack is likely against the United States. Only once since 9/11 has that number been higher.
Disapproval of Obama’s handling of terrorism has jumped 9 points to 54%. Only 40% approve. A full 57% disapprove of his handling of ISIS specifically. 

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