November 20, 2015

You’ll Never Believe What Mizzou Babies Are Complaining About Now

If you thought the college students at Mizzou were whining slackers who didn’t deserve the press they got, it’s a hard vindication to have them wiped from the drive-by news cycle as a result of the horrible terror attacks in Paris, but you’re probably not complaining.
Or are they? University of Missouri authorities are claiming that fake Twitter accounts were created from outside Mizzou to launch complaints about the diversion of the Paris attacks from the host of horrors allegedly happening on college campuses across America. How MU authorities know this to be true is a head-scratcher, but the question becomes: Assuming they are fake accounts, who created them and why? According to no less than race-hustler @ShaunKing, conservatives should be ashamed for complaining about the complaints. So let’s suggest that liberals created the accounts to set off conservatives who would then be held out for scorn.

Oh, it’s all just a big conspiracy, except the part about the #FuckParis hashtag and accompanying hate culture it spawned  (which Shaun King also claims had nothing to do with the grievance mongers).
But have no fear. There’s plenty of spotlight left for griping college students who think the world has been unjustly cruel to each of them, personally.
Campus Reform reports that the whiners are out in full force with a litany of great grievances, and a week of solidarity with Mizzou students.
In fact, the list of grievances is so long, one student senator at USC summarized it thusly:
“All of us are experiencing different prejudices within all of our classrooms.”
Wow. So EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is a victim.
That’s thoroughly incredible.

To make it all the more enjoyable, Campus Reform has collected the campus activities in an interactive map. So if you need something to lift your spirits after the atrocity in Paris, you can distract yourself with the inanity of homegrown gripes, courtesy of a bunch of college kids egged on by their liberal masters, er professors, and sharing the Babel in the Tower of Twitter.
If that doesn’t make you feel a little better about your own untroubled existence, well, then you can join them.

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