January 23, 2016


Pain is one of the most common feelings in our body. The three manifestations of pain are energy, perception and physical manifestation. Each kind of pain may be linked to a specific emotional state in our mind. This may mean that, no matter our age, we still need to learn many more life lessons in order to avoid pain. Once we incorporate the lesson in our lives, understand and learn it in a way that we can transfer it to other people, the pain will simply disappear.
The body is very clear when it comes to pain. The experiences of our life manifest directly in our bodies and when we experience emotional stress, our body shows us exactly what the problem is. The only thing that we need to do is decode it.
  • The pain in the muscles represents a challenging ability to move in our lives. Are you flexible with your experiences at work, home or within yourself? Go with the flow…
  • The pain in the head (headaches) limit decision making. We experience migraines when we know what decision to make and we do not make it. Make sure to put some time aside each day to relax. Do something that will ease that tension.
  • Pain in the neck is a sign that you may be having trouble forgiving others, or even yourself. If you are feeling neck pain, think about the things you love about yourself and other people. Consciously work toward forgiveness.
  • Pain in the gums is linked to the decisions you do not take or that you do not stand. Be clear in your goals and go for them!
  • Pain in the shoulder can indicate that you are carrying an emotional burden. This is where the saying “shouldering a problem” comes from. Focus on some proactive problem solving and distribute some of that burden to the other people in your life.
  • The stomach pain can happen when you have not digested, figuratively, something negative. The feeling of not being respected by others can cause a sensation in the stomach.
  • Pain in the upper back can indicate that you lack emotional support, or that you feel unloved. If you are single, it might be the right time to go out and meet someone.
  • Pain in the lower back might mean you worry too much about money or you lack emotional support. It may be a good time to ask for a raise or consider a financial planner to help you utilize money a little bit better.
  • Pain in your sacrum and tail bone might mean that you are sitting on an issue that has to be addressed. Get to the bottom of it and you will see the resolution.
  • Pain in the elbow is related to your resistance to change in your life. If your arms are stiff, it implies that you are too stiff in your life. It might be time to dare to move things forward or at least to let you go!
  • Pain in the arms means that you are carrying someone or something as an emotional burden. Maybe it is time to ask yourself why you keep carrying it.
  • Pain in the hands The hands symbolize the link to others. If you feel pain in the hand, it may mean that you do not stretch enough out to others. You should try to make new friends, restore the connection!
  • Pain in the hips is manifested when we are afraid of moving. Sore hips could indicate a resistance to changing and moving forward. It may also show a caution towards making decisions. If you have big ideas, it is time to make a decision. General pain in the hips is related to support. Generally, it is related to an imbalance in how you are relating to life and a feeling of lack of love and support.
  • Pain in the joints indicates pain in the joints that are flexible. Be open to new ways of thinking, new lessons and life experiences.
  • The knee pain symbolizes our relationship to another subject, balanced or aggressive. Knee pain indicates a difficulty accepting things as they are. Pain in the knee can be linked to the OUTSIDE world laughing at yourself. Remember: you are human, a mere mortal, you should not allow your ego to dominate your life. You can benefit from volunteering.
  • The dental pain means that you do not like your situation and this affects your emotions in everyday life. Remember that experiences can pass more quickly when you are focused on positive aspects.
  • Pain in the ankles means that you do not allow yourself to be happy. It might be time to become more forgiving towards yourself. Try spicing up your love life.
  • Pain causing fatigue is caused by boredom, resistance, and denying what it takes to move forward. Open yourself to that voice that can lead you towards a new experience.
  • The foot pain can be caused by depression. Too much negativity can happen under your feet. Enjoy the small pleasures of life and you can adopt a pet or find a new hobby. Seek joy.
  • An unexplained pain in various body parts. The cellular structure of the body is constantly renewed and amid this process, it is purged of negative energies. This process weakens the immune system and all the systems in the body. So while the body may appear to be in a state of illness, it is more or less in a state of clearing, a state that will soon pass.

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