April 11, 2016

Can You Guess Who Is A Real Woman And Who’s A Transsexual? (13 pics)

There is a Brazilian reality TV show “Beija Saco” which is kind of like “The Bachelor” show. A guy lives in a house with girls and in the end he makes his final choice and leaves with the girl of his dreams. But in a Brazilian version of the show there are 10 girls and only one of them is really a girl, 9 others are transsexuals. Look at the pictures of the participants and try to guess who is a real girl.

1. Uva

2. Melancia

3. Kiwi

4. Caqui

5. Manga

6. Mexerica

7. Pera

8. Abacaxi

9. Maca

10. Goiaba

The real was a girl named Uva

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