April 19, 2016

Teaching Assistant Gets Fired For Working As A Lingerie Model (14 pics)

Gemma Laird, 21, a beautiful teaching assistant in elementary school in County Durham, England got fired because parents of one of her students found out that she has a modelling career outside of school.

They found her photos on her Facebook and called the school immediately to complain. Within a week Gemma was fired by the school board saying that they didn't want students "thinking it is acceptable to be a model" and that it could "damage the school’s reputation."

What ridiculous and completely unfair is the fact that the school knew about her modelling career before hiring her and were ok with that. Moreover, her social media accounts were set to private, so her students couldn't see her pictures.

Gemma Laird has a four-year-old daughter and had two jobs to support her. She said: "I wanted to make something of myself and go into a stable career so I can support my daughter, but it just feels as though I’ve been completely shot down. I’m gutted, to be honest. I would love to try for another job in teaching but what if this happens again?"

But Gemma doesn't intend to leave it as it is, she is now considering legal action, even though it would be hard to prove that it was an unfair dismissal as she was working there for only a week...

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