March 07, 2015

Obama Wants To Rename Thanksgiving To Immigrants Day

Reports are circulating that Obama administration officials want to change the name of Thanksgiving to “Immigrants Day.”
Right Wing News reports:
Obama is so keen on destroying American culture and punish white people that he now wants to eliminate one of our oldest holidays. Obama wants Thanksgiving eliminated and replaced with “Immigrants Day.”

A conservative activist from Maryland named Susan Payne heard the plans on a recent conference call led by Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council. The conference call was meant to inform activists for illegals about what the White House was planning with the President’s amnesty rules.
Payne says that on the conference call the President’s Domestic Policy director said that one of the plans was to rename Thanksgiving “Immigrants Day.”
“I was about ready to blow my top when I heard that,” Payne said.

The activist told syndicated radio host Mark Levin in a previous interview earlier in the week the call was hosted by Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the president and director of the Domestic Policy Council.

Payne, a contributor for radio station WCBM in Baltimore, said people called in from various places in the United States including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Vermont. Her impression of the call, as she described it on the air Wednesday, was: “How can we make life better for an illegal alien? And basically kicking the citizen out to the curb.”


  1. Ok with me. Immigration is acceptable as long as it's done LEGALLY.

  2. It's also rumoured that President's Day will be changed to Decimosexto de Febrero. It was going to be Obama Day but Michelle prefers to rename a summer holiday.

  3. So n' so heard from so n' so who heard so n' so in a call with so n' so that Obama said this and that. That's not news or journalism, that's hearsay. Same as the "UN will ban all of our guns" nonsense. At least have something legit sourced from the horses mouth (Obama himself) before putting something like this out there to rile up people.

  4. I suggest "Screw the Indians Day"
    Keepin' it real...

  5. Yeah, sorta like how the WH wants to take our guns, huh? Cept if you ban ammo, you don't need to ban guns. (Which is already happening with .223 ammo) Now do I believe this story? Not out of hand, but I don't disbelieve the hutzpah necessary to do this either. Main stream news is just as culpable for the changes in this country as much as our "leaders".

  6. Senator Dianne Feinstein et al want them to "come out of the shadows" for years now. Each year they pass one small law after another to enable this along better. You need hundreds of little things done & passed to make the transition from illegal to citizen, without coming here LEGALLY, appear normal. And congress is busy at it 24/7. One little name change from "Thanksgiving" who would mind that? Perhaps a focus group to see how much opposition there might be.....if too much, they'll change another name instead. Don't forget now folks, Mexico is to be part of the U.S. and Canada, as one country under Zee New Verrld Ordahh.
    Yesssssss,....this is all hearsay and nonsense...hahaha.................................
    Since you are among the unconscious promoting their propaganda you will be among the first disposed of when your use ends.
    The last group to do this was the Communists in Russia when main community leaders saw that the opposite of what was preached turned out, they were disposed of. Otherwise they would have led people away from what previously they were leading them to.

  7. If you believe anything obama says, you better put the kool aid down! and turn off cnn

  8. Thats the point, it is not being done legally

  9. If the president wants to change Thanksgiving to immigrants day, let him. The rest of us don't have to go along with it and the next president can change it back (if, of course, we even have a next president).

  10. harry freeloaderIIMarch 7, 2015 at 3:44 PM

    The economy is on the verge of collapse and the U.S. is pushing for war with Russia and this idiot's main concern is changing the name of a holiday???

  11. How about Thanks For Nothing (unless you're on welfare or here illegally) Day?

  12. F--- that. If you expect the next president to fix anything done by this one you're fooling yourself. The major political parties are both completely controlled by central banker class and foreign intelligence agencies, and want nothing less than the destruction of the nation, ideals, culture, and people this nation was built upon (so it can be replaced with a more 'globally inclusive' totalitarian nanny-state run from London and Tel Aviv.)

    Stop postponing the fight, because if we don't push back hard by the time anything is done out children will be 'homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'

  13. Even legal immigration is a problem when it's done with the end goal of destroying everything our forefathers have built here, including our freedom loving political ideals, culture, and people this nation was built upon (so it can be replaced with a more 'globally inclusive', ethnically muddled/conflicted, totalitarian nanny-state run from London and Tel Aviv.)

    Asia for Asians (99% Asian)
    Africa for Africans (99% African)
    Europe for EVERYBODY?
    North America for EVERYBODY?

    Notice a pattern? Genocide is still genocide even when it's done by gradual 'soft' means.

    Stop white genocide.

  14. It can't be done legally because we don't want them coming here at the demographic replacement levels of immigration that we're seeing in almost all white (and only white) countries.

  15. "Obama wants Thanksgiving eliminated and replaced with “Immigrants Day.”

    May I suggest for one year only we add a banner to our display for thanksgiving day celebrations. This banner would be displayed below and in smaller print.

    "To all those in the USA who are Kenyan nationals. Please visit the country of your birth and STAY THERE but only if your initials are bho."

    I would be willing to pay for a no water straw hut for bho for his lifetime.

  16. Except the idea of a day of thanksgiving originated in England before the pilgrims landed. It's simply a day devoted to gratitude and really has little to do with the Indians. The narrative of feasting with the Indians really began to be identified with Thanksgiving after the Civil War. If people think its so offensive to the Indians, we should just drop that story altogether and start tracing the holiday back to England.