May 16, 2015

Candidate with no votes demands recount because he ‘voted for himself

AN embarrassed candidate who got no votes at the UK’s local elections is demanding a recount — because he knows he should have at least one.
Paul Dennis, who stood for the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition in Rainham North, Kent, insisted the result was wrong because he had “definitely” voted for himself.
Mr Dennis, a train conductor, said his wife and father had pledged their support too,The Mirror reported.
The 45-year-old was left humiliated when the room burst into laughter after his result was read out at the Medway Council elections on May 7.
He said this week that the result was “obviously wrong”, and that he had been approached by people who said they voted for him.
“I was gutted to be honest,” he told the newspaper. “It was a bit humiliating, especially at work.”
There were 8464 votes cast in the ward, with two Conservative candidates elected, and just 13 voting slips rejected as void.
TUSC spokesman Chas Berry said: “We think it’s impossible for him to get zero votes. He lives in the ward, as do several members of his family.
“You think, if that was wrong, what else was wrong? The council have some serious questions to answer.”


  1. Listen dummy, if they actually counted the votes, you would end up with Scotland being independent and Farage as the Prime Minister.
    Voting is a charade to convince the "little people" that they somehow matter, it is not to see who goes to Westminster, that is decided in dinner clubs and Masonic meetings. They made Parliament "Fixed term" so that they can ignore the "unwashed" for another 5 years.
    Sheeesh, some people are really thick.