May 16, 2015

Man Buys a Car for $60,000 at Auction. Then He Hands the Keys Over to Someone He’s Never Met…

A Colorado teen who lost his police officer dad in the line of duty five years ago now has one more cherished item to help remember his dad. 
At a police charity auction on Wednesday, 19-year-old Tanner Brownlee tried and failed to outbid and win his father Sam Brownlee's old squad car.
It never mattered though, because as soon as local rancher Steve Wells got the keys to the Dodge Charger with a $60,000 bid, he handed them straight over to Tanner. 

 Tanner was just 15 years old in 2010 when his father, a Weld County Sheriff's deputy, was killed in the line of duty after a police chase to apprehend a car robber. 
After suspect Rueben Reyes got out of the stolen car, Brownlee tackled him to the ground and was fatally shot when Reyes pried away his own gun. Reyes died after being shot by an Evans, Colorado police officer.
On Wednesday, his dad's old patrol car went up for auction and he was determined to win. The car was valued at $12,500, and Tanner started with a $5,000 bid. 
But the bidding soon surpassed what he could pay and Tanner was forced to bow out. 
'Oh well, we tried,' Tanner whispered to his mom at the auction. 
The car eventually sold to Wells for $60,000 - nearly five times the car's worth. 
Right after walking to the front of the room to collect the keys, Wells turned to Tanner in the front row and handed them over, saying: 'Tanner, here is your car.' 

 As the room burst into applause, the two embraced for a hug. 
Tanner said he had no idea Wells planned to give the car to him.  
'Nope. I shook his hand and I didn't know,' Tanner told 7News. 'It means so much to me.'
'This is just so huge. I mean...having something I can use, and drive around that he drove around, it just means a lot,' Tanner added to CBS Denver. 
Immediately after the auction, Tanner and his younger brother Chase got in the car and drove it back home. 
The auction helped raise $70,000 (including Well's bid, the money Tanner planned to use, and other donations) for a charity that helps the families of fallen police officers.  



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