November 27, 2014

Police use confiscated drug money to add rims and sound system to cruiser

News19 is getting answers after viewers sent us a picture of a Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Vehicle with rims.
Lt. Curtis Wilson says the car has been taken offline as a patrol vehicle and is being transitioned to something the department can use for educational purposes.
Wilson says a sound system has been added to the car as well as the rims, but he says those things get the attention of children so deputies can teach them about the dangers of drugs and other risky behaviors.
According to Wilson, the department has been able to re-purpose the vehicle through confiscated drug money, not tax dollars.
"Funding that we use to transform vehicles isn't tax dollars. Those tax dollars that we do receive are used for what they are intended for," said Wilson. "This vehicle, again, is being taken offline as a patrol vehicle and so we're going to find another use for this particular vehicle, and again we're gonna use it for our youth education program. It's being used with our school resource officers. Resource officers are in touch with our youth each and every day, they see what kids like and what they want to do and this vehicle will attract kids."

Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers

Walmart, who pays its workers so little and/or gives them so few hours, that they cannot feed themselves while the Walton family rakes in billions, does have its sense of humor. Either that or they could just care so little about what anyone thinks that they are just like, whatever, what are you going to do about it anyway except buy more junk you don’t need from us on Black Friday?

As it did to national scorn last Thanksgiving, Walmart raised a smiley-faced middle finger to its own “associates” by asking some of them to dig deep into their low-wage pockets to give to each other. AnOklahoma City Walmart is asking employees to donate food to help their coworkers make ends meet during the holiday season, according to a photo posted by the labor-backed coalition Making Change At Walmart. A sign on the collection bin reads, “Let’s succeed by donating to associates in need!!!” In 2013, the same thing happened at a Walmart store in Canton, Ohio.
Technically,the food drives are not Walmart corporate policy, so hey, all is forgiven, amiright? Though hey, a Walmart spokesperson did characterize the Ohio effort as “part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships.” And Walmart checked, ’cause it cares you know, and the Oklahoma food drive is just for two associates who don’t have health insurance because Walmart doesn’t provide any to its hourly workers, so it is not like the whole freaking store is starving or anything. You can have it both ways apparently at Walmart.

And who wants to subsidize freeloaders with our hard-earned tax dollars anyway? Oh, wait. Actually Walmart hauls in a monster truck load of public assistance for itself. Those low, low daily wages are subsidized by your taxes. The company’s low wages leave huge numbers of its employees on public assistance programs such as food stamps and Medicaid. By one estimate, a single Walmart superstore requires up to $1.7 million in public assistance spending every year. The company eats up a total public assistance cost of $6.2 billion per year. That’s how Walmart can “afford” to pay its associates so little and yet they don’t pass out from hunger in the aisles during your Black Friday orgy of consumerism. Neat!

But Walmart loves its food stamps as more than just fodder to feed the work animals. Walmart loves selling to stuff to the food stamp people of America. A lot of stuff.
How much profit does Walmart make from public assistance? In one year, nine Walmart Supercenters in Massachusetts received more than $33 million in SNAP dollars. In two years, Walmart received about half of the one billion dollars in SNAP expenditures in Oklahoma. Overall, 18 percent of all food benefits money is spent at Walmart. That’s about $14 billion.

The European Parliament Just Voted To Break Up Google

In a move whose bark is worse than its bite, the European Parliament on Thursday approved a resolution suggesting one way to address Google's dominance is by splitting the company's search business from its other operations.
The nonbinding resolution calls upon the European Commission, whose competition division has been scrutinizing Google's search dominance since 2010, "to consider proposals aimed at unbundling search engines from other commercial services." That unbundling could separate Google services such as flight search, hotel reservations and shopping comparison from the company's search results.
The vote -- 384 in favor and 174 opposed -- sends a message of disapproval from nine time zones west toward Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. But it doesn't actually mean any big changes for Google.
Even Thomas Vinje, a lawyer with Clifford Chance who represents Google search competitors in a consortium called FairSearch, is reluctant to read much into the vote.
"The whole thing is a bit blown out of proportion," Vinje said. "The resolution doesn't call for a breakup, and voting up or down doesn't actually vote for or against that proposition."
Still, it's a new indication that last decade's consumer excitement about Google's technological achievements is now tempered by governmental displeasure at Google's business might.
Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment..
The resolution doesn't mention Google by name, but it's clearly the big target, especially given the European Commission's investigation since 2010 of Google's search dominance. Google has an overwhelming share of the markets for online search and the profitable search ads that come with them -- Vinje puts the figure at more than 95 percent in Europe, significantly higher than in the US. Google is using that considerable search-ad revenue to fund its expansion into other businesses, and it can use search results to promote those new businesses.

$150,000 Donated To Bakery Vandalized In Ferguson Riots

Much of the world's attention has been on Ferguson, Mo., in the past few days, as a grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the killing of Michael Brown spawned a series of protests and riots. Especially in Ferguson, many of these protests have been violent. Many buildings and businesses unconnected with the shooting or the jury's decision have been subject to looting and damage. 
One of those buildings was Natalie's Cakes & More, a bakery located at 100 S. Florissant Road in Ferguson. According to the Daily Caller, the shop's windows were shattered during the riots on Monday night, and several baking materials were destroyed. A GoFundMe account in support of Natalie's Cakes & More was subsequently set up, and two Twitter users who saw the story began spreading the word about the cause. 
Owner Natalie Dubose expressed her dismay at the protesters' actions.
"I've invested everything in my business. I can't go anywhere. I'm not going to go anywhere. It's really sad, because they didn't just affect us, they affected our children. A lot of us, this is our only means of income, our business," Dubose said to Fox2 News. 
At the time of publication, Dubose's own GoFundMe account has raised $147,449 from 4,586 people, surpassing her initial goal of $20,000. Another GoFundMe account set up in support of Dubose raised more than $10,000 from 305 people in 1 day. Natalie's Cakes & More had its grand opening this summer. 

SAD: LifeNews Reports How Many Missouri Black Babies Aborted Since Mike Brown’s Death…

Future generations will look back on this and call us barbarians.

Riots broke out around the country following baseless charges of racism against Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson while real racism remains ignored and government-funded.

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, has 78% of their clinics in minority communities. Blacks make up 12% of the population, but 35% of the abortions in America. And blacks are the only minority in America with a declining population. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” In 2012-2013, Planned Parenthood received over $540 million in taxpayer dollars. Where is the outrage? Who is rioting over this? The answer is, no one. 

LifeNews reports that 981 black babies have been aborted in Missouri since the death of Michael Brown in August and not a single person has rioted or protested. These unborn children were unarmed, innocent and had no ability to defend themselves.

From LifeNews:

Since the day that Michael Brown died [Aug 9, 2014], another 981 Black Missourians have died; 9 per day, every day since then. These Black Missourians were unarmed, innocent, and had no ability to defend themselves and died in plain sight. But there is no outrage, no riots, not one protest.
So, while these rioters are trying to destroy my native city of St. Louis because of the death of one Black man, the rioters overlook the fact that just a couple of miles away at Planned Parenthood on Forest Park Av


November 26, 2014

FBI wanted access to a hotel guest's room without a warrant. So agents broke his Internet connection, and then posed as Internet technicians to gain access to his hotel room without a warrant

The FBI wanted access to a hotel guest's room without a warrant. So agents broke his Internet connection, and then posed as Internet technicians to gain access to his hotel room without a warrant.
From the motion to suppress:
The next time you call for assistance because the internet service in your home is not working, the "technician" who comes to your door may actually be an undercover government agent. He will have secretly disconnected the service, knowing that you will naturally call for help and -- when he shows up at your door, impersonating a technician -- let him in. He will walk through each room of your house, claiming to diagnose the problem. Actually, he will be videotaping everything (and everyone) inside. He will have no reason to suspect you have broken the law, much less probable cause to obtain a search warrant. But that makes no difference, because by letting him in, you will have "consented" to an intrusive search of your home.
Basically, the agents snooped around the hotel room, and gathered evidence that they submitted to a magistrate to get a warrant. Of course, they never told the judge that they had engineered the whole outage and planted the fake technicians.
More coverage of the case here.
This feels like an important case to me. We constantly allow repair technicians into our homes to fix this or that technological thingy. If we can't be sure they are not government agents in disguise, then we've lost quite a lot of our freedom and liberty.

Buffalo police officer charged with stealing $130 from woman’s purse - after a Good Samaritan discovered purse and turned it over to a police officer asked the officer to find the owner and return the property.”

A Buffalo police officer has been charged with taking $130 from a woman’s pocketbook while on duty this summer outside an Elmwood Avenue cafe.
Northwest District Officer Michael R. Missana, 42, was arraigned Thursday before acting State Supreme Court Justice M. William Boller on a sealed indictment charging him with petit larceny and official misconduct, Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita III said.
The alleged theft occurred Aug. 21, after a woman’s pocketbook was found at Caffe Aroma, 957 Elmwood, Sedita said.
“Someone obviously left behind her pocketbook,” Sedita said. “A Good Samaritan discovered it and did what you’re supposed to do, turned it over to a police officer and asked the officer to find the owner and return the property.”
Missana, who was outside the cafe at Elmwood and Bidwell Parkway, agreed to return the property, Sedita said.
He returned the pocketbook but allegedly had lifted $130 out of a wallet that it contained, Sedita said.
Missana has been on the force for less than two years and only recently completed his probation, police sources added.
Police officers disturbed about the theft interrogated Missana, who confessed, sources confirmed.