March 23, 2012

Yanked Student Body President Gives His High School a Lesson

Alpharetta (GA) High School student body president was stripped of his office because he asked the Student Council to change the title of "Prom King and Queen" to "Prom Court," "so that a same-sex couple could be elected," if students voted for them

The student body president claims in court that Alpharetta High School stripped him of his office because he asked the Student Council to change the title of "Prom King and Queen" to "Prom Court," "so that a same-sex couple could be elected," if students voted for them.

Reuben Lack sued the Fulton County School District, Alpharetta High School principal Shannon Kersey, and AHS Student Council advisers Emily Reiser and Michelle Were, in Federal Court.
Lack is a senior. He was elected in April 2011 as student body president for the 2011-12 academic year.
"At the January 12, 2012, meeting of the student council, Lack introduced a resolution to modify AHS's 'Prom King and Queen' tradition to make it inclusive to gay and lesbian students. Lack suggested a number of options, including changing the tradition simply to 'Prom Court' so that a same-sex couple could be elected," the complaint states.
"Lack followed parliamentary procedure regarding the resolution, opening the floor to student debate about the issue. An extended debate about the issue occurred among the students. Werre, who was present as faculty advisor, interrupted the debate, and demanded that the topic be dropped. She instructed the students to cease discussing the topic, and dictated that the resolution would not be adopted, without any formal vote.
"At the following meeting of January 26, 2012, Lack again introduced the resolution to modify the 'Prom King and Queen' tradition to make it more inclusive to gay and lesbian students. Werre again expressed great dissatisfaction and attempted to require a formal vote on the measure without further debate. Lack moved to table the resolution in order to prevent a vote rejecting the measure without proper debate and discussion."
In the next week, Lack says, he exchanged private, off-campus emails with a fellow student, in which Lack says he "expressed frustration that Kersey had 'shot down' a proposal made by Lack to organize a conference for leaders of various student organizations at AHS."
And that was it for him, Lack says.
"On February 8, 2012, Reiser and Werre called Lack into a meeting and informed him that he was immediately removed as student body president," the complaint states.
"Reiser and Werre informed Lack he was being removed for 'pushing personal projects' and advocating for 'policy changes,' which was a reference to Lack's advocacy to modify the 'Prom King and Queen' tradition to make it more inclusive to gay and lesbian students.
"Reiser and Werre further informed Lack that he was being removed for 'attacking the principal,' which was a reference to his private, off-campus email exchange with [his fellow student]. Neither in the exchange with [his fellow student], nor in any other forum, did Lack in any way 'attack' Principal Kersey or any other person.
"Reiser and Were further informed Lack that he was being removed for a speech he gave to incoming freshmen, in which he encouraged students to participate on the debate team, which apparently Reiser and Werre did not favor.
"Reiser and Werre asserted a number of additional reasons for Lack's removal, all of which were knowingly false. These reasons included a lack of accomplishments and not attending meetings. These rationales for removing Lack were false, and were pretextual bases upon which to punish Lack for the exercise of his right to free speech, and to restrain future advocacy on his part.
"Lack, his family, and counsel have met with Kersey and sent correspondence urging his reinstatement as student body president. However, Kersey has refused to reinstate him and has enforced the decision to remove him as student body president. ...
"The removal of Lack as student body president has caused him great emotional distress, has deprived him of an honor he worked hard to achieve, has threatened his admission to the college of his choice, has deprived him of the right to address the student body at graduation, and has caused additional harm to be proven at trial."
Lack adds this his "tenure as president was marked by an exceptional level of service and accomplishment. For example, Lack authored, and gained approval for, the first set of bylaws for the student council. ... Lack attended meetings of the Fulton County Commissioners as a student ambassador, and received an 'Incredible Dedication Award' from the Board of Commissioners for his advocacy on behalf of youth issues. Lack lobbied for, and achieved, a change in school policy regarding charging students for napkins and utensils in the school cafeteria. Lack moderated a public debate between candidates for mayor of Alpharetta. Lack led initiatives to install bike racks at AHS and to increase the energy efficiency of AHS facilities, among other initiatives.
"Lack has also maintained excellent grades in his classes, and he serves as the captain of the AHS debate team."
He claims his removal from office had "no legitimate education[al] purpose" and had "a chilling effect upon student expression in general."
He seeks reinstatement to office, costs, damages for constitutional violations and emotional distress, and punitive damages "due to the intentional and outrageous nature of their actions".He is represented by James Radford, of Decatur.
The complaint does not elucidate how the school allegedly got access to Lack's private email.


  1. Good. What would happen if the next prez wanted to make it OK to bring a sheep as a date?

  2. the reason slave owners broke up families was to destroy and prevent any resistance to their mastery....bankster nwo is the exact same but they always claim "good" reasons for their crimes...and unwitting fools like this brainwashed kid and tools like his well funded lawyers are the front line

  3. Why not just limit all proms to same sex couples and be done with it? Why not just make heterosexuality against the law? While you are at it, penalize and restrict participation in the family unit and also outlaw all births generated by intercourse between men and women? That should make the majority happy, don't you think?

    1. I've seen some bozos using reductio ad absurdum to make points, but this is probably the worst I've seen. You are an idiot.

    2. No. You are the idiot in fact. What you percieve as a flippant comment by Visible (above) is actually coming to pass. Go out into the world and see for yourself. You are in fact the bozo, and your kind are helping to bring about the destruction of this world, either because you're in denial or maybe you are actually working for 'the agenda'.

  4. "Reiser and Werre informed Lack he was being removed for 'pushing personal projects'"

    It sounds to me more like Reiser and Were were the ones with a personal agenda, and an absolute contempt for democracy, open exchange of ideas, and the votes of the students who elected Lack.

    These women should be barred from ever working in public education ever again.

  5. Maybe he wanted to be the queen???

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  7. This guy sounds like a ridiculous spoiled brat - he really did not choose the appropriate time or place to assert himself with the (valid) point.

    The way English is makes this perhaps primarily a semantic issue? How many of these pc bureaucrats know that up to fairly recently, for instance, when one said "man" it usually signified what would today be called "mankind".

    In the meantime, 17 000 children younger than 5 are dying from economic violence EVERY DAY.

    I am a man who has always felt more attracted to men than women. It is part of my make-up like my skin colour and I can't (and don't want to) change it - it is not an action or an ideology.

    I like being a man and I am grateful for this gift that made it easier for me to see how through sexual repression otherwise good people persecute those who do not fall into the 2,4 children nuclear family category.

    If it is so "natural" for male and female to be attracted to each other why do we need to be socialised so heavily into doing so?

    Please try to not get too excited, take a deep breath, THINK about it for a moment, use your god given intelligence and compassion and empathy: HOW is two people pleasuring each other consensually an issue and said to be the same as pedophiles and molesters? (Perhaps the two (male) penguins who are lifelong partners in a zoo in Canada could explain it to us.)

    Wake up people!- people like me are fed up with being invalidated and persecuted and shunned.

    Thanks for listening.

    From my heart to yours -

    Much love and pleasure,

    Cape of Storms

    P.S. I am just sexual, there is no hetero-, homo-, bi-, omni-, peri-, epi, etc prefix and no strident protesting "gay", "lesbian", etc category necesary. That is enough for me.

  8. If you think about it, homosexuality is just another form of birth control perpetuated by our unbiased media. Amusingly, it has a time stamp inserted.