April 16, 2012

Geographer creates the most accurate map of America EVER after spending 6,000 hours on it over two years

In the detail-oriented world of map making, the fact that this year's winner of the best map of America was a man who dedicated his life to the project himself rather than a large company did not go overlooked.

It was a David versus Goliath style victory for David Imus who spent two years coming up with the precise map of the United States.

His approximate 6,000 hours of work earned him the 'Best In Show' award at this year's Cartography and Geographic Information Society.

The victory comes even though Mr Imus' mapping company is essentially a one-man operation working out of his farmhouse near Eugene, Oregon.

The map, created by David Imus, is meant to give a general picture of the demographic spread of the country

Accuracy: Oregon, mapmaker David Imus' home state, shows the level of detail used throughout, with relief shading and population highlights

Details: Three letter airport codes- like CVG in the upper left corner- are included unlike earlier maps

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