November 19, 2012

Jonathan Trappe flies a house on helium balloons, like the Pixar/Disney film 'Up' (8pics)

 A cluster balloon house is seen on the ground before a test flight at the Leon International Balloon festival
 Jonathan Trappe prepares his cluster balloon house for flight
 Jonathan Trappe poses with co-pilot Nidia Ramirez in front of his cluster balloon house
 Jonathan Trappe and his cluster balloon house float above the Leon International Balloon festival
 He aims to complete the 2,500 mile journey across the pond in a seven foot lifeboat carried by 365 huge helium balloons.
 Trappe - who became the first person to cross the English Channel using cluster balloons - used the event as a warm-up for his planned trans-Atlantic flight scheduled for next summer.
 He lifted off in the cartoon-themed house at the Leon International Balloon festival in Mexico.
Adventurer Jonathan Trappe has launched a house into the sky with a cluster of ballons, just like in the Pixar/Disney movie 'Up'.

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  1. I just read the story you did about the guy who soared through the air using balloons. As a response to that story, we created a calculator so that anyone can enter their home size and see how many balloons it would take to send THEIR house into the sky:

    Take care!