December 22, 2012

DigitalGlobe’s Top Satellite Images of 2012

DigitalGlobe is a worldwide leader in satellite imagery.

 Founded in 1993 under the name WorldView Imaging Corporation, it became EarthWatch Incorporated in 1995, before finally becoming DigitalGlobe in 2002. 

In 1993, the United States Department of Commerce granted DigitalGlobe (then WorldView), the first license allowing a private enterprise to build and operate a satellite system to gather high-resolution digital imagery of the earth for commercial sale.

Monte Carlo, Monaco 9/22/12 - annual yacht show

 Antarctica 1/27/12 - calving shown

 Koolan Island, Australia 9/19/12 - iron ore mine

 Bahrain 9/26/12 - grid pattern on the sea floor

 Subi Reef, China 8/8/12 - controversial construction of a possible landing strip, buildings, and wharfs.

 Chile 10/14/12 - Chuquicamata copper mine

 Chile 4/02/12 - Andes, Puntiagudo-Cordón Cenizos volcanic chain

 Sandouping, China 8/01/12 - Three Gorges Dam

 Italy 2/04/12 - Costa Concordia

 Japan 9/20/12 - Mt. Fuji, highest peak in Japan

 Tokyo, Japan 4/07/12 - Skytree, tallest self supported structure in Asia

 Greenland 7/19/12 - Petermann Glacier, massive icebergs calve

 Jacobabad, Pakistan 9/20/12 - flood, false color image (dark blue and black = water)

 New Mexico 9/20/12 - Space Shuttle Endeavour atop a 747

 Homs, Syria 2/15/12 - pipeline fire

 London, UK 7/23/12 - Olympic village

 Northern England 9/06/12 - mine sculpture known as "The Lady of the North"

 Nevada 8/28/12 - Burning Man festival

 Reading, Vermont 10/05/12 - fall colors

Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City 4/08/12 - easter

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