December 02, 2012

Taiwanese man cuts the throat of a 10 year old boy in order to be sent to prison

A 10-year-old boy was found murdered in a video-game entertainment center in Tainan City yesterday morning. The police detained one suspect, surname Zeng , 29, at an Internet cafe for further interrogation. According to police, Zeng claimed he felt the urge to kill in order to be sent to prison

The body of the victim, surname Fang  , was found lying in the men's restroom at the entertainment center. Blood spatter was found on the wall and door. Prosecutors said the boy died from excessive blood loss due to a long cut across his throat that sliced through his trachea. According to police, the victim died immediately.

Director of the 6th police district of the Tainan City Police Department Liu Yi-zong (劉怡宗) said the police had gone through CCTV footage and found one suspect, aged between 20 to 30, who went into the restroom before having a chat with the victim. The suspect then returned to the restroom with the boy after their conversation. Less than five minutes later, the suspect left alone and departed the entertainment center on a scooter.

Shortly after witnessing the footage, police arrested Zeng at an Internet cafe in the north district of Tainan City. The suspect appeared calm while being taken into custody, and later confessed to the killing.

Aside from his desire to go to prison, Zeng gave no explanation as to why he committed the crime. The police also found a possible murder weapon, a Swiss Army knife. The suspect did not answer any questions from the press.

Investigators found the suspect had been unemployed for a long period of time and exhibited some anti-social characteristics. He maintains a distant relationship with family members, and claims to have a psychological condition, saying he has sought medical help in the past. The prosecutors remain skeptical as to the truthfulness of his statements.

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