April 18, 2013

28 migrant workers working at a strawberry farm in Manolada, Greece have been shot because they demanded to get paid, after six months of unpaid work

28 migrant workers working at a strawberry production farm in Manolada, Greece were shot because they demanded to get paid, after six months of unpaid work. According to the press reports, there were no fatal injuries among the Bangladeshi workers.
New Manolada is in Peloponnese and according to Greek daily Kathimerini the farm owners have a history in abusing migrants. The incident occurred when approximately 200 workers demanded six months’ worth of unpaid wages from their employer. According to the representatives of the farm owner informed the migrant workers that they are not going to get paid and they demanded from them to get back to work. Then the strawberry pickers became involved in an argument with three Greek supervisors. According to the police, one of the supervisors opened fire and injured 28 migrant workers.
The farm owner was arrested but the three supervisors were being sought. However, the police claim to know the identity of the man who opened fire. According to Kathimerini, Manolada has been at the center of cases involving violence against migrant workers a number of times in recent years. Last year, two Greek men were arrested for beating a 30-year-old Egyptian, jamming his head in the window of a car door and dragging him for around one kilometer. Back in 2008, workers on farms in New Manolada went on a four-day strike to protest against the low wages and the poor living conditions.
According to enet, several thousand migrant workers (many of them reportedly undocumented) are employed as strawberry pickers in New Manolada. Back in 2008, the government had ordered a labour inspection to stop the abuse. 

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