April 20, 2013

6-year-old punished because her parents made her late

Brooke Loeffler had to spend two days in lunchtime detention at her school last week.

By her grandmother's account, she is a very bright student who rarely gets into trouble.

So Brooke doesn’t understand why she has to spend time in detention away from her friends, sitting by herself and looking at nothing but a wall. After all, she's a kindergartener, and she's 6 years old.

"It was my responsibility to get her ready and get her to school," her father explained. "I failed that responsibility a couple of times. It makes me sad to see my daughter upset for something she doesn’t understand."

Brooke's parents have a newborn baby at home and they have been struggling to adjust their schedule.

After three tardies, Olympia Elementary school enforced its new policy and gave the parents a choice: one hour of detention after school or during lunch for Brooke.

A Judson ISD official said that each school can set its own policies and punishments to combat tardiness and absences. The schools try to work with parents on tardiness issues.

A district official said since Olympia started the policy, it has worked extremely well at curbing late students.

"They have been able to cut down the number of tardies way back -- as much as 90 to 95 percent of the tardies,” Steve Linscomb of Judson ISD said.

Still, Brooke's parents said they feel that the school was not concerned with the circumstances. They want the policy changed to punish the parents and not their kids.

The school district recommends that parents talk with their kids to explain why such a punishment is issued.


  1. doesn't inflicting punishment on one person for the transgressions of another fly in the face of everything we call "american"..?

    teach the children young, they can be punished for the actions of their parents, what a perfect way to indoctrinate children to become snitches for the state...

  2. They should just tell the kid, "You're daddy has fucked up three times now by not getting you to school on time and well, since we can't punish him, you get to go to detention for his mess up. Sorry kid but shit rolls downhill."

  3. The school IS punishing the parents, VIA their kid. Hopefully in the future the child will remind the parents not to make her be late. I am sure if there was a legitimate reason that the school could be forgiving, you know, like car accident, heart attack etc. School is preparation for work. Slaves don't get to choose when they work. Even if you are very good at school most likely you still won't get to choose when you work. No sympathy here for the parents. Coddling lax parents teaches what to the child? In this case the school is teaching basic life skills that the parents have flunked.

  4. Getting kids ready for prison...

    And also for child removals from the home based upon 'absence explained but not justified'.


  5. "A Judson ISD official said that each school can set its own policies and punishments to combat tardiness and absences." That does not make it legal. The child has a right to sue the school for wrongfully inflicting punishment on an innocent party and the parents have a responsibility to file that suit for justice.

    "A district official said since Olympia started the policy, it has worked extremely well at curbing late students."

    Placing late children in front of a firing squad would work even better. The end does not justify the means and only a dependtard would use a logical fallacy to justify the action.

  6. The kid is SIX ..... Olympia Elementary school personel now
    very well that the child is not responsible for being late , punishing her
    for something out of her control will create a negative effect on her
    growig up as a indepedend person.
    It has a likely positive effect if you're trying to create a
    obedient slave

  7. Yeah, good for you. Make them feel like trash while they're still young. Is that what they did to you, Linscomb, eh?

  8. I can tell that what happens in America is tyranny, nothing else but tyranny and people in America allow this? No reason for such a stupidity to punish a child for getting late to school, what kind of country is that? Who are the teachers? I don't think they are trained to care for children, send them to school to learn child psycology, they are so ignorant.

  9. Rules are not written in stone. They CAN be flexible - provided there is a will on the part of the enforcer.

  10. wonder we end up with so many dysfunctional "parental ego-stated" people in the world....


    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  11. and they didn't tell them to shove it? They gave them a choice, they could have chose option 3: none of the above.

  12. Over here in the UK, children are forcibly removed and placed into forced adoption for less and there is nothing the parents can do except attend a crooked secret court and watch as their children are sold to the highest bidding adoption agency.

    This is happening more and more elsewhere as other countries are realising that children are a cash cow in this regard, in Britain if you took the costs of the adoption, it is worth a staggering £50.000 per child that is taken from the taxpayer and divided up between adoption agency, council and lawyers, last year forced adoption cost the British taxpayers £7.2 Billion, this years figures are expected to exceed 15 billion pounds.

  13. What is ridiculous is that a child or parent should be punished for such minor issues in life. Schools are more like jail now!!

    Why are people even allowing this in this nation? These children are human beings and so are the parents. shouldn't be treated as if they are in jail or the military.

    Our species is losing grip as to why we are here on earth..

    Allow this America and it will only get worse until you have lost all rights to your own children..

  14. Why are so many idiots running our schools? The school should have settled this lateness issue with the father. The poor kid had nothing to do with her lateness and the simpleton who put her in detention should be fired for sheer laziness.