April 18, 2013

The Earth at Night from the International Space Station (16pics)

 This NASA handout image captured by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Staion(ISS) on April 1, 2013, shows that even in space the astronauts have a sense of humor on April Fool's Day. This image shows a 'Flying Saucer' making a 'visit' to the Space Station
 Stars from the ISS
 A sombre view of the city of Boston on the night of 16th April
 Calgary, Alberta
 New York Metropolitan Area
 Twin cities, so close that they are one: St Paul and Minneapolis, USA
 Phoenix at night
 Washington DC the captial of the USA taken from the ISS
 Toronto, Ontario from the International Space Station
 Antwerp, Belgium with the Scheldt river like lightning sparking up the city
 A clear Dublin night in early Spring
 Island of Ibiza
 Paris, well-named City of Light. Even from orbit the brilliant Champs-Elysees is visible, 17th April 2013
 Berlin in Germany at night
 Ankara, capital of Turkey from the ISS

City of Manila in the Phillipines

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