June 20, 2013

Australian state passes law allowing un-immunised children to be banned from childcare centres

The New South Wales Parliament has passed new laws covering childcare centres and vaccination.
From next January, a childcare centre can refuse to enrol a child whose parents or guardians cannot show proof of vaccination or provide an approved exemption.
Health Minister Jillian Skinner says parents who are seeking an exemption will first need to speak to a general practitioner.
Childcare centres will face fines if they do not complete checks to ensure a child is vaccinated, or that they have exemption.
Health experts have warned of increasing instances of whooping cough across the state, which they attribute to low immunisation rates.
A recent report found that in the far north coast town of Mullumbimby, less than half of young children were fully immunised.


  1. well done Mullumbimby!!!!!!! don't let indoctrinated doctors tell you what to DO!!!!!!!! We know that any corporations' business is only about money NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. if imunisation works what threat does a child who has not been vacinated pose?

  3. What the hell are you thinking! allowing the government to be your children's parents! The start of total control of the population and the enforced inoculations that will be the beginning of the end for your kids! stand up and say no to this now! they can put what they like in the children and the sad thing is you will never know! look at what has been happening in Africa, USA! For pity sake stand up! If not for yourselves do it for your future! the children! Then at least you can say! I TRIED KIDS!

  4. If the children at these day care centres have been vaccinated, why are the parents worried if un-vaccinated children attend the same class/school? Surely if vaccines work (ahem they don't) then why should the parents of 'supposedly fully immunised' children be concerned. The vaccine will work....won't it?????????

  5. When asking your doctor about exemptions also ask his to sign an agreement that the he/she, the doctor, agrees to be held fully accountable should there be any adverse reactions with the vaccinations they claim we need AND ARE SAFE. If the doctor won't accept full liability for his recommendations of vaccines then that is an indication of how safe your doctor thinks they really are.

  6. Vaccinations don't work eh? When was the last time you heard of someone contracting smallpox or polio? That's right - never.

    1. Ask how much faith in vaccines do millions of people that have been infected by SV-40 cancer-causing virus in contaminated polio vaccine in 1960"s , have? ooops!!! I forgot! Everything is OK. There is nothing to WORRY about!!!!