June 17, 2013

Westboro Baptist targets 5 year old girl for running lemonade stand across the street from their church

A 5-year-old girl set up a lemonade stand across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church compound, and now the group is targeting her. 

Jayden Sink raised nearly $200 Friday while she sold lemonade outside the Equality House across from the Westboro compound, and the online effort has raised $15,000 and counting.
"Jayden and I went out there to raise money for Planting Peace, to spread love, to spread compassion," said her father, Jon Sink. "Our mission was not to stand up to Westboro Baptist Church."
The efforts have clearly irritated Westboro members, Equality House resident Davis Hammet said.

"She was so awesome. She was such a sweetheart," Hammet said. "She was right in front of this hate group. She was unfazed and unafraid, and they are so very vile and rude to people."
Jon Sink, founder of the philanthropic arts group, FRESHCASSETTE Creative Compassion, spoke with KCTV5's Bonyen Lee via telephone. The family lives in the Kansas City area.
Jon Sink said he is uncomfortable with the attention his daughter is getting, particularly after the backlash from Westboro.

"It really puts me in an uneasy position, knowing she's out there for everybody to see," he said. 
Planting Peace, which promotes peace and equality issues, bought the home across from Westboro's compound. It was painted in March to reflect gay pride colors.
Jayden told her father that she wanted to set up a lemonade stand to help a charity. After doing research, they settled on Equality House because of its mission and efforts, not its location across from the Westboro compound, her father said. 

"She saw pictures of it and thought it was the most beautiful house in the world," Jon Sink said.
The father and daughter arrived about 11:30 a.m. Friday and set up shop. Jayden set up hand-made signs including one that said, "Pink lemonade for peace. $1 suggested donation."
Hammet said he saw Westboro members pacing up and down the sidewalk and repeatedly making phone calls. He believes they tried to call the police, who declined to shut down the lemonade stand.

"They use every legal power possible to shut down any kind of opposition," he said.
He said they also yelled rude comments at those buying the lemonade.
A group of motorcycle riders from Fort Riley came by and bought lemonade, and also ruffled the feathers of Westboro members, Hammet said. One soldier stepped on Westboro property while taking pictures, prompting at least one person to yell profanities at the soldier, who responded that he fought for his freedoms, Hammet said.
Jonathan Phelps, son of Westboro founder Fred Phelps Sr., said the lemonade stand has given the church "a great preaching opportunity."
"Because every time you tell the story about the lemonade, you have to tell about the eternal hatred and wrath of God towards the impenitent sinner, and the popular sin of the day is the sin of sodomy," he said.

The group repeatedly tweeted a picture of wording on their marquee outside the Westboro compound. The wording, which uses a homosexual slur, says homosexuals and their enablers will burn in hell and "lemonade won't cool any tongues."
After the Huffington Post picked up the story about Jayden's lemonade stand, donations picked up. The goal was originally $500.
"It just resonates really well," Hammet said. "But we were shocked by how much money it raised."
He said it's crazy the remarks that Westboro members have made about Jayden and her lemonade stand.

"Jayden is 5 1/2 years old. She was having a lemonade stand for charity and they are saying nasty things," he said. "I pity them. It's sad they feel that way. We're not angry at them. We don't hate them. We feel bad for them. We know this comes from a very painful place and that's why they're lashing out. And it's unfortunate."
In addition to Equality House, Planting Peace runs orphanages, has helped treat 14 million for intestinal parasites, helped preserve 600 acres of rainforest and planted trees in earthquake-damaged Haiti.
To donate to Jayden's Pink Lemonade Stand for Peace, click here
The money will be used for an anti-bullying program in Topeka as well as a national effort to educate children about the devastating effects of bullying. 


  1. Government run fake religious leaders who get all the press is old news. In the UK, government employed fakes protest troop funerals, and ran their scams. Westboro is the most obvious of all the fakes. It is sad that so many people into truth still fall for these cheap scams.

  2. Churches dislike economic competition.

  3. Fred Phelps is a memeber in good standing of the Democrat party. He has been for his whole life.

  4. Personally, I think putting a 5 year old in a position to be cursed at, or used to make money is pathetic. Westboro has the audacity to remind the World that tolerance is not meant for Christians, white ones in particular.
    Anybody who would put a kid out there to sell lemonade in this society is a moron, and Westboro is not the reason our society is shit.

  5. the fag enablers are using five year old kids to gain sympathy. as for the bikers: kiss my a--. you never fought for anything but zionism if you ever fought at all. you are stupid.

    1. "the fag enablers are using five year old kids to gain sympathy."


  6. Regardless of who is behind the so called "church", or the reasons for its existence. The vilification of anyone not subscribing to their view on worldly and heavenly matters is medieval at best, or downright criminal at worst. Defamation, verbal assaults and intimidation are all unlawful acts in the eyes of the law, let alone any morality. The biggest hypocrites usually end up being the very people caught enacting the things they profess to hate, like a priest buggering a choir boy, these Westboro morons undoubtedly have more than the casual skeleton in their closets. In this instance the bikers and soldier should have just unleashed on them and punched the crap out of them, literally, make them soil themselves. The parents are not to blame as some suggest, last time I checked it was a freedom they still had, and they didn't drop her there and abandon her, she was supervised and obviously well monitored by customers and other folks from the charity house. Even the Westboro scum know not to have a go openly with that sort of opposition, they choose weakness and uncertainty to attack people. As to the anonymous commentator calling people "Fag Enablers", dude what rock do you live under? Has anything ever happened to you in your whole life that could give you even a tiny bit of justification for that comment? Were you buggered as an alter boy? Or raped by that nice "Uncle Mike"? Or did you knowingly try male to male intimacy and enjoy it but was horrified and now you are rabidly anti-homosexual? I think you may be a bit of a repressed individual myself. How is what 2 consenting adults, male or female, do in the privacy of their own home or venues or whatever any business of yours? Seriously, what impact would knowing that the couple of blokes down the road sharing a house were found to be actually a loving couple in a relationship, have on your daily life? Apart from getting all worked up into a lather, what impact on you is their domestic and relationship situation have on you? The short answer would be nothing, but you will dredge up some biblical quote or other homophobic justification for your hate. A life lived in hate must really burn you up, such a sad waste of what may have been a good honest talented life, now you are just poisoned and it shows in your comment.

  7. Nope, by buying a house across from Westboro, painting it rainbow, and using a 5 year ild to sell lemonade, they are trying to provoke an incident.
    Hoping Zionist warriors assault people who believe in freedom of religion shows what scum lives across the street from Westboro.

  8. I love the Westboro shill above. Yes, let's blame people for buying a house and being about peace. It is quite sad that you are spending your life filled with venom and hatred for your fellow man. The only scum I see are the Westboro church members. The peace house can only encourage peace.
    Believe it or not, most people think the "church " is the devil's invention. Get some therapy dude.

  9. Well, I despise Westboro, but when they buy the house across the street and launch a campaign of provocation that is not PEACE LOVING, that is WAR MONGERING. So it looks like two groups of AZZHO'S have found one another.

  10. LOOK Open your eyes. Both sides of this are government contrived and controlled distraction efforts. This is being done to keep you from focusing on the real enemy the zionist jews. Most likely the lemonade stand was configured with webcams and WiFi to track the comings and goings from the compound, the father a government dupe or government contractor and the Westboro church a zionist operation to gain sympathy for queers.

    Read between the lines, you're being led to the sheering stations again Baaa Baaa Baaa

  11. Actually, the Zionist (Marxist agenda) is solidly against Westboro.
    At least I'm not stupid enough to advocate violence against Westboro while pretending I love peace and rainbows.
    The Phelps's got tired of their kids seeing homosexuals having sex in their local park. If homosexuals did not flaunt their sex lives in public, I believe the Phelps's would have kept to themselves.
    I don't emulate the Phelps's, but I respect them. At least they are trying to take a stand. As one said, "Either they will kill us, or we will win." I know I trust them more than some violents nuts who pimp 5 year olds to further their twisted, Marxist, Zionist agendas.Support Peace? Support the Phelps's. The haters just want us to conquer Ersatz Israel.

  12. this story is not about a 5 year old girl and a lemonade stand. IT IS ABOUT THE HOMOSEXUAL PERVERT AGENDA! tell the whole story!

    1. And, yes, the homosexual pervert agenda fast tracked by the Zionist Occupational Government!

  13. That was the big move by the army posters? Israel is the enemy of Westboro? What a crock. Westboro is a Zionist front. Fake Muslims to make them look bad. Fake Christians to make them look bad. Staged attacks on Muslims in UK by fake native British. Same old scam everywhere all the time. When real blacks commit hate crime, media HIDES it. When real Mexicans do crimes, media HIDES it. 100% all always goyim vs goyim divide and conquer on TV is state controlled. ALWAYS. If it was real, it would get buried. Westboro is a government FRONT, same as UK. And when attacked, when they protest, when they march (same as UK) the police turn out with the BACKS TO THEM, protecting them, guarding them. All real protests in America get attacked by police. Only government agents get police protection. Westboro = US Army Psy Ops. Entirely fake. I in no way in any form blame Christians for the entirely staged Westboro media crap.