January 13, 2015

Virginia School District Wants Homeschooled Kids to Justify Their Religious Beliefs

Children in one area of Virginia who want to be homeschooled are going to have to appear before the Board of Education to justify their religious beliefs. It’s a policy one homeschooling family in Goochland County intends to fight.
Kevin and Katrina Hoeft, who homeschool their children, are contesting the idea that kids aged 14 and up have to give a statement on their religious beliefs to a government entity. The policy was passed by the school board in 2013.
“We believe the public schools have really departed from teaching kids about the role of God in life,” Kevin Hoeft told CBS 6 in an interview.

The Home School Legal Defense Association told CBS 6 the policy violates Virginia law, which they say allows children to undergo religious training at home without having to defend their beliefs.
School Board Chairperson Michael Payne said the board was advised that the policy is ‘legally sound’ and that they were ‘doing the right thing’ by implementing the policy. The board is encouraging comments at their meeting Tuesday, and the Hoefts said they plan to challenge the policy.
Watch this WTVR report:


  1. Legal land is for the corrupt and fictional:

  2. They forgot that pesky *asterisk, again..

    (*Jews are excluded from this rule)

  3. Just be aware that much of the "Sovereign citizens" movement was established by Freemasons working with the FBI. There is a lot of truth to be found in exploring the commercial nature of governance, but telling people laws don't apply to them is idiotic and will only result giving the government EXACTLY what it needs to portray us as lawless enemies of the Republic.

  4. Who is asserting that laws do not apply other than Ezra? First one to use ad hominem to support their position....has no position. Laws apply to man while copywritten statutes apply to legal fictions. This all makes much more sense when one comprehends that corporate statutes apply only to legal fictions thus are not laws. Do not worry....most people will just not go here:

  5. Bro, I am thoroughly versed in the lore of Creditors in Commerce and the Sovereignty movement. My point is that this movement has been totally infiltrated by the FBI and other government agencies and that these moles attempt to get people to break the "statutes" (since you want to be pedantic about it) so they can be arrested and paraded in front of the cameras as "Sovereign citizen" bogies.