February 11, 2015

After $3.3B Spent, more than 39 Million Americans Still Only Have Access to 1 Wired Broadband Provider

In 2010, the FCC reported to Congress that “broadband is not being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion.” 
Since that time, the US Government has spent over $3.3B on broadband infrastructure grants via the BTOP program managed by the NTIA.
According the the NTIA website, these grants were designed to “Expand broadband access and adoption in communities across America.”
Yet as of the 2013 over 39 Million Americans (12.1% of the population) only have access to 0 or 1 broadband providers, leaving these consumers without a competitive market and no alternative provider to switch to if they are dissatisfied.
Below is a breakdown of the underserved populations in each state along with the amount of money each state received in federal infrastructure grants.

It’s important to note that as of this writing 41% of the US population has access to fixed wireless broadband. While this and other wireless technologies have their benefits and drawbacks when compared toCableDSL, and Fiber Optics, it may not be economical for rural customers to have access to multiple wired providers due to large infrastructure costs and the economies of scale required to support those costs.


  1. I hear a highspeed internet connection costs $3 a month in South Korea. Those lucky Korean's don't have a ruling class to support on the scale of America, I guess. That must be why it costs 15 times as much and more in "the land of the free and the home of the" ripped off. But how else can the 1% stay the 1%? Poor babies -- keeping three mansions warm all winter is expensive!

  2. America's number one disease CEO - chief executive officers who act like thieves. A market economy without competition isn't one - Europe has much to loose from trade agreements with US.

  3. Bailing out the banks cost us 29 trillion dollars....

    ...but we are powerless when it comes to national infrastructure.

  4. well over a million homeless people and SEVEN MILLION homes held off the market by banks and investors because people can't afford to pay their predatory monopoly prices. "Oh say can you see" or are you totally blind?

  5. Well in Iceland the government simply revalued all mortgages at the same time marking them at that years current market rate saving each and every homeowner on average 20-30% of the market peak valuation price and it instantly turned the economy around and put every homeowner paying their mortgage on time balancing the bank's balance sheets.

    But I suppose people in Iceland are smarter, more resourceful, have a higher moral code and better common sense than Americans.

    Unemployment in Iceland is 5% which is the historical average so essentially unemployment is zero.

  6. I pay 19 euros a month for fiber optic broadband here in Europe. 10 euros a month for 4G for my 2 mobile phones (we don't call them cell phones here because we don't live in a prison like Americans do).

  7. The Feinstein family is entitled to sell those homes at a loss to taxpayers didn't you hear?

  8. Iceland also imprisoned its criminal banksters (rather than handing them hundreds of billions of dollars to keep bogus markets inflated. But Iceland is small enough that it's harder to fleece people without their seeing what's going on, and Iceland doesn't have a powerful enclave of predatory residents whose allegiance is not to Iceland.

  9. Right. Every corporation in America that has a senior ex-employee currently working in a federal agency that is supposed to regulate their industry should be convicted of fraud, shut down and their assets sold to the public in pieces and the money gained returned to the U.S. Treasury for payment on the national debt.

    The executives of these companies should be in prison with their family holdings seized and sold as well.

    We should nave zero tolerance for corruption.