February 27, 2015

Is This What We Can Expect from a Government-Run Internet?

Via USA Today:
The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to implement new net neutrality rules designed to make sure Internet service providers treat all legal content equally.

The historic vote on the proposal, pitched by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, elicited hearty cheers from a wide array of technology companies and consumer groups while setting the table for lawsuits from Internet service providers. The controversial proceedings that led up to the vote generated heated lobbying in Washington and public clamor on social media, all in efforts to steer the future direction of the rules that guide Internet traffic.
“The Internet is too important to allow broadband providers to make the rules,” said Wheeler to applause from the standing room-only crowd gathered before the FCC panel.
“So today after a decade of debate in an open, robust year-long process, we finally have legally sustainable rules to ensure that the Internet stays fast, fair and open,” he said. …

The authority for the new rules comes from Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. The new rules also call for the regulators to “forbear” — or refrain — from some provisions of Title II, including pricing regulation and other parts that are less relevant to broadband services.
The FCC said the regulations will be posted online as quickly as possible and subsequently published in the Federal Register. They become effective 60 days after publication.

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