February 15, 2015

Math Teacher Resigns After Reading This REALLY RAUNCHY Poem to Students

 Happy Valentine’s Day. You’re fired.
That’s essentially what happened to an unidentified math teacher at Nederland High School in Nederland, Texas after he read aloud to a class of students a poem depicting intense sexual debauchery.
The unnamed teacher read the vulgar poem aloud to a class full of pimple-faced freshmen, according to angry parents.

The day when the teacher busted out the rhyme isn’t clear. However, school officials suspended the teacher, presumably after parents complained.
He has since resigned.
The bawdy poem of 12 short, four-line stanzas isn’t traceable to an author. It appears to have been winding around in the ether of the Internet for many years now…
Local parents are unhappy.
“It’s awful what’s happening to the morals,” parent Roseanne Lalko told KBMT. “Definitely this person doesn’t need to teach anymore, ever.”
Another parent, Jerry Windham, agreed.
“Children know enough without him having to push it,” Windham said.
No explanation has been provided as to exactly WHY this teacher would make such a stupid decision. Then again, blatant stupidity is probably the only explanation needed.
12 News Now has more:
The poem references Adam and Eve in a sexually explicit manner, most of it too vulgar to show. …
Parents are appalled, but for some, including Windham, it’s not only the sexual material that offends them but also the poems use of biblical characters.

“It starts out with Adam and Eve in the garden,” Windham said. “He might need to go back and study his bible if he’s got one, if not he needs to get one and see what it’s really about.”
The teacher’s name won’t be released unless the school district takes further action. 12News reached out to that teacher for comment but have not heard back.
Here is the text of the offending poem, as promised. I don’t think the parents of these children are overreacting to its raunchy content at all.
In the Garden of Eden,
As everyone knows,
Lives Adam and Eve,
Without any clothes.
In this garden,
Were two little leaves,
One covered Adam’s,
One covered Eve’s.
As the story goes on,
Never the less to say,
The wind came along,
And blew the leaves away.
At the sight,
Adam did stare,
There was Eve’s treasure,
All covered with hair.
And wonder came,
Under Eve’s eyes,
As Adam’s thing,
Started to rise.
They found a spot,
That suited them best,
A nice big tree,
Where they began to rest.
Her legs spread wider,
And wider apart,
While thrill after thrill,
Came into her heart.
The head of Adam’s thing,
Peeked into the hole,
And filled her with passion,
Beyond her control.
Backward and forward,
His thing did slide,
And Eve’s treasure,
Was all wet inside.
The joy was good,
She wouldn’t let loose,
Until Adam’s thing,
Was all out of juice.
Then down through the years,
People did screw,
And now it is time,
For me and you.
So pull down your pants,
And lay in the grass,
Cause I’m in the mood,
For a piece of that ASS!
What do you think? Should freshmen students at a taxpayer-funded institution of higher learning be exposed to this kind of filth by a trusted MATH teacher?

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