February 22, 2015

Obama’s Approach To Terrorism Perfectly Explained By The 12 Words On This Truck

The image above says Al-Qaeda, yet applies to any Islamic terrorist group. Last week the Obama administration announced that right wing groups are a greater threat to the nation than Islamic terror groups. BizPac Review reports:
The Obama administration has met the enemy, and the enemy is you.
Particularly if you are a right-wing “sovereign citizen” who believes your individual rights are under attack, according to a Feb. 5 Department of Homeland Security report obtained Friday by Fox News.

The intelligence assessment defines a sovereign citizen as someone who believes he or she is “immune from federal, state, and local laws and that many Constitutional amendments are false.”

The Gateway Pundit reports on what ideology a “sovereign citizen” is most closely aligned to:
Sovereign Citizen’s deny the rule of law [a.k.a. Anarchists and Occupiers].  Sovereign Citizen’s believe they are unencumbered by the laws that apply to everyone else. This is not a right-wing ideal but rather a Leftist ideal. In fact, it could be argued that this premise is often practiced by many Democrat representatives (maybe these reps should be on the terrorist list instead… huh?).
In a flashback article, the Leftist SPLC “hate group” tried to connect Sovereign Citizens to the Cliven Bundy standoff (along with other Bundy propaganda around this same time for right-wing scare tactics).
Flashback to a past Gateway Pundit article here reporting on a Sovereign Citizen’s rash of breaking into homes, changing the locks, and illegally claiming the property as their own. Homeowners (away at work or on vacation) would come home to the shock of being locked out of their own homes and a stranger stealing their property. This behavior sounds more like Left-wing extremism… huh? [..]

It also says volumes that CAIR is ecstatic over the DHS report which is a huge clue to the propaganda agenda behind this report. This isn’t the first time Obama’s bureaucratsattempted to make a case against those evil Tea-Partiers.

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