February 17, 2015

Someone steals man’s spot after digging his car out after huge storm, his revenge is PERFECT

Shoveling snow sucks. Depending on where you live it can take a long time to get your car out of the snow. The last thing you want is for some lazy idiot to steal the spot you broke your back clearing out.
One Boston man dug his car out only to have his parking spot taken by some lazy yahoo while he was gone.

This guy decided to get even and did the one thing that seemed the most just, he put the snow back:

Screenshot 2015-02-16 13.53.59 reports:
Warning to anyone tempted to snag a spot marked by a space saver.
Last week, a Craigslist post told the story of one Boston resident, who felt his rights were violated when someone removed his space saver and took ‘his spot.’
“So I put all the snow back,” the now deleted post read.

The poster, who insisted on remaining anonymous for fear of retribution, told he spent a significant amount of time shoveling the space, and placed an
“old bookshelf” in it when he left February 8 to work an evening shift driving for Uber.
“I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m from New England,” he said. “This was just not a cool move. I’m getting home at midnight and I had nowhere to park.”


  1. He did a lot less than I would have done! LOL

  2. How was the "dick" supposed to know that 48-hours hadn't passed ? Did you put a sign in the spot marking the time of clearance ?

    If he however knew of your recent clearance, then good job.

  3. 100 dollars says it was a jew.

  4. I like the old skunk oil down window channel or vent grills near windshield trick/ Takes WEEKS to get stench out if EVER.

  5. I don't mess with the property of others. Why not wait for the guy and stab the sob in the chest. Such is much more satisfying.

  6. Normally I'm a considerate person, but I can see doing something stupid like that just because sometimes I don't think things through. If I saw a bookcase in a parking space, I'd probably think, "Look at what some idiot kids did, put a bookcase in a parking space after someone went to all the trouble to shovel it out." I'm not really stupid, I just have my head in the clouds sometimes. Well, okay, a lot.

    That said, I'd feel very fortunate if all that happened in retribution is that someone shoveled the snow back onto my car. Because as I go through life, one thing that I have learned despite having my head in the clouds all the time, is that it never pays to piss people off. An eye for an eye is bad enough, it's when they try to get way ahead that's really scary.

  7. A few buckets of water to hold the snow in place ......................

  8. If the USA ever gets hit with some kind of serious national emergency, Americans will turn to vicious, snarling savages quickly and the blood will flow deeply.

  9. When the temps are good and low, pissing on the door lock used to be a favourite trick me and my mates would pull, but that was way back when you needed a key to get in.

  10. If you dig your car out and then leave then that's not your spot anymore. what a moron. let him do this in NYC and he'll spend the rest of the winter in ICU.

  11. You get what you pay for living in a big city. Some folks are really horrible and will do anything to keep from doing any work. Probably some fat jew. He's lucky someone didn't bust out his windows in the entire car. New York plates say it all.
    A bookcase was not really a good spot saver. What else can you put as a parking spot saver? Maybe a sign that says something like "Hey I''ve just shoveled out this white crap and will be coming back after I work all day so please respect my effort and let me park here" Yeah, sure. Not in a million years. He should have had his lazy wife sit outside in a chair in the space or park his kids there to keep the spot for him.

  12. Is there a municipal code for this or just the second-hand musings of a Boston politician?

    If not, expecting a visitor from a nearby state to know what you overheard your city mayor say once about some 48hr parking spot award... is rather odd aye?