February 17, 2015

State Department spokesperson: We can’t stop ISIS by killing them, we need to give them jobs

For some people, liberalism is truly a mental disorder.
State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf told Chris Matthews that ISIS can be stopped if we just create jobs for them. She is literally living in an alternate reality. Guess what happens if we stop trying to kill ISIS? They grow stronger and keep killing the infidels. 
MATTHEWS: How do we stop this? I don’t see it. I see the Shia militias coming out of Baghdad who are all Shia. The Sunnis hate them. The Sunnis are loyal to ISIS rather than going in with the Shia. You’ve got the Kurds, the Jordanian air force and now the Egyptian air force. But i don’t see any — If i were ISIS, I wouldn’t be afraid right now. I can figure there is no existential threat to these people. They can keep finding places where they can hold executions and putting the camera work together, getting their props ready and killing people for show. And nothing we do right now seems to be directed at stopping this.
HARF: Well, I think there’s a few stages here. Right now what we’re doing is trying to take their leaders and their fighters off the battlefield in Iraq and Syria. That’s really where they flourish.
MATTHEWS: Are we killing enough of them?
HARF: We’re killing a lot of them and we’re going to keep killing more of them. So are the Egyptians, so are the Jordanians. They’re in this fight with us. But we cannot win this war by killing them. We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs, whether —
MATTHEWS: We’re not going to be able to stop that in our lifetime or fifty lifetimes. There’s always going to be poor people. There’s always going to be poor muslims, and as long as there are poor Muslims, the trumpet’s blowing and they’ll join. We can’t stop that, can we?
HARF: We can work with countries around the world to help improve their governance. We can help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people…



  1. If Marie Harf surfed alternative news sites a bit, she would find out that we already gave ISIS fighters a job -- as ISIS fighters. When the paychecks stop, the jihadis go home.

  2. Work experience?

    Next. Work experience?
    Executioner for terrorist organization.

    Next. Work experience?
    I have had only this one job.
    What is it?
    Suicide bomber. Allahu Akhbar!

    Coming soon to a theater near!

  3. ISIS is already got a job to do. Behead ahead of invasion. That's their mission. Whichever nation is to be invaded, they get hooded Mossad agents killing only non-jews. Then, Rita Katz, a desktop publisher with Mossad, publishes ISIS clips for the goy masses, for them to pick up their pitch forks and hunt and kill Muslims.

  4. That's the lullaby that your mother Fox sings to you for bed?

  5. Marie really should give up the drugs, but it probably is to late.

  6. ISIS is already on the US payroll. It's our creation. Duh.