February 26, 2015

Texas firefighter brags about shooting neighbor's dogs with Facebook photo

Facebook post with an image of two dead dogs allegedly shot by a Texas fireman has caused a viral uproar on the social network.

Tim Conatser, a volunteer firefighter with Union Valley Fire Department in Royse City, posted an image on Facebook (seen below…WARNING: Graphic content) of two dead dogs.

Facebook user Kimberly Jones uploaded a screenshot of the post, which has been shared more than 62,000 times in less than a day.

The fire department shared this message earlier Wednesday:
As previously stated, we do not condone the recent actions of one of our firefighters. We are following our policy in removing him from our department. This is now a civil/criminal matter that we have no jurisdiction over. Please forward all concerns to local law enforcement and/or the SPCA.

So far, the owner of the dogs has not come forward publicly.
CBS 11 in Dallas reports it spoke with Kevin Forester, a family friend of Conatser. Forester told CBS 11 that Conatser found the dogs in his barn a few days earlier attacking his calf and recognized they were his neighbor’s dog.

“So he went over to his neighbor’s and told him that his dogs was getting in his barn and attacking his animals, to please ya know keep ‘em at home, put ‘em on a leash, build a fence, do something,” Forester told the TV station.

Forester said Conatser told him the neighbor didn’t care. No one has yet to speak directly with Conatser or the neighbor, however.

The Hunt County Herald Banner reported an investigation is under way, with Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks taking the report of the incident and Constable Terry Jones will conduct the investigation.



  1. No such thing as a bad dog, only bad owners, and while we do not know the facts here, I can say that if my neighbors dogs were attacking my animals, and I ask the owner to do something and he didn't care, it would be with deep suffering and regret that I shoot those attacking animals.

  2. If the dogs were attacking his calf again he had every right to shoot them. Shame on this fire department for firing this guy before all the facts are in. Sometimes shooting your neighbors dog is entirely lawful and moral.

  3. Ranchers have the right to shoot dogs that are attacking their stock. It is regretable, but it is right. Dog owners have a responsibility to keep their dogs from doing harm. Allowing dogs who harry stock to run loose is wrong. For the rancher to find dogs attacking his stock in his barn -- shooting those dogs is, unfortunately, the right response. I'm sorry the fireman posted the picture and lost his job over it.

  4. Why do people always get fired for the wrong reasons and those needing fired get a slap on the hand?
    Why do the cops always seem to shoot the wrong people?
    They shoot old men reaching for canes and people whittling with pen knives but capture illegal alien rapists and murderers instead of shooting them on sight..