February 18, 2015

Texas lawmakers introduce new legislation to lessen food stamp fraud

Texas legislators have introduced a few bills this session that are aimed at lessening welfare fraud and essentially forcing dead beats to do something about their situation. 
They are changing a couple of laws that they hope will curb the amount of abuse or at least force people to do what they should be doing; including ‘Dead Beat Dads.’
Anyone who fails to make a child support payment would not be able to collect food stamp benefits during any given month.
The bill would not apply if the child support delay was approved by a judge.
Another bill filed by King goes after recipients who don’t make an effort to find a job.

Many food stamp programs across the country – Texas included – follow federal guidelines that require recipients to look for a job or get qualified job training.
According to the bill filed by King, if a person failed to satisfy those requirements for a third time, they would become permanently ineligible from collecting food benefits in the future.
At least two more bills, filed by separate state lawmakers, would require a recipient’s name and photograph to be displayed on the benefits card.

With the number of folks going on food stamps exploding in recent years, these steps Texas lawmakers are looking to take are absolutely necessary.
Money is being taken from the pockets of tax payers to provide the basic necessities those on welfare should be providing for themselves by working and being a productive member of society.
Sure, there are some people who are in actual need of help, and these folks are typically busting their hump trying to find a job and see the system as a hand up–one they’re embarrassed to have to depend on–rather than a hand out.

With so many people still barely making ends meet, it’s beyond outrageous that those same taxpayers who are working their behinds off are also paying for someone else to sit on their behind and do nothing.  

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