February 28, 2015

Why Is The Government Asking High School Students These Very Inappropriate Questions?

Student surveys have become a point of contention across the country as many parents only find out AFTER the survey has been taken.
Some surveys have been downright intrusive and have contained sexually explicit content for very young children.

Other surveys, such as the one reported on at Chicks On the Right, seem to gather information that makes no sense to students and appears to only be pushing for political thought going into the 2016 elections.

A parent whose child is a junior Mt. View High School in Marana, Arizona posted pictures on Facebook of a survey that her student was instructed to fill out during class. Without parents knowing that this was going on AT ALL!
In an email conversation with this parent, I found out more to the story. The fine print does say that it’s completely voluntary, but what 15- or 16-year-old ever reads that? Students were instructed BY THEIR TEACHERS that they had 45 minutes to fill out the survey, with no further mention of the survey’s voluntary nature. And it’s not like high schoolers are inclined to question their teachers when they’re given something to complete during a school day.
The parent was able to contact the school and spoke with the school’s Associate Principal, Michael Beck. Turns out the survey was “spearheaded” (Mr. Beck’s words) by the school’s Principal, Patricia Cadigan who also asked the school’s Instructional Intervention (which sounds like it’s a fancy word for “study hall”) to give this survey to students. The parent has reached out to other school district officials who have not gotten back to her yet, but from what she was able to tell me, other parents are furious (and rightfully so!)
Some of the photos of the questions from Chicks on the Right are below.



  1. None of their business, and as concerned parents, the parents of these children should all get together and go to the school as a group and demand they start teaching the 3 basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, If the parents continue to do nothing soon their will be nothing left of your children but programmed little robots that think the govt. has rights. When it is the people that have them. If you truly love your child, take them out of the public education system, something the govt has no right to be in, Home school them and let them be free, independent free thinkers.

  2. Exactly. The entire government education system is predicated on violating and manipulating the privacy and private affairs of children

    Take your children out of government schools.

  3. Agreed. Two words. "Home Schooling".

  4. I think public schools had committed Hari-kari long ago and it's time to put them in the dumpster where they belong. Americans can do and deserve better than what we're getting. We're getting a 'corporate' / federal school system that resembles something more akin to Moa's Chinese style of indoctrination than good old fashioned 'education'.

    Texas has done something revolutionary. They're developing 'co-op independent schools' taking the best practices of public, private and home schooling and merging them together, with teachers and parents fed up with the federal indoctrination centers.

    Americans got to the moon and we they have the 'right stuff' to tell over paid education bureaucrats and ALL their 'special interest' groups to "pound sand" we're taking our kids and our schools back.

  5. It's kinda hard to miss the racial dimension to all this... Little black kids underperform academically? Well it must be something wrong with the system and so they dumb everything down, make everything subjective and meaningless, and then call it 'equality'. Never do they allow themselves to consider the possibility that there are genuine differences in abilities between the races. We need to pull our head out of the sand and face things as they are and not as we want them to be, otherwise all of our forebearers' accomplishments will be flushed down the toilet of cultural Marxism and political correctness.