March 28, 2015

92 Reasons To Hate The TSA More Than You Already Do

The Intercept obtained a copy of the TSA's not-classified (but not publicly available) list of rules for spotting terrorists at the airport. It's a set of 92 criteria called "Screening of Passengers by Observation Techniques," or SPOT. And it's utter BS.

Doing any of these things in the security line before your red eye? TERRORIST.

The 92-point checklist is divided into various categories with a point score for each. Those categories include a preliminary “observation and behavior analysis,” and then those passengers pulled over for additional inspection are scored based on two more categories: whether they have “unusual items,” and a final category for “signs of deception”.

And here's the real kicker: In 2013, the Department of Homeland Security admitted that TSA had failed to evaluate SPOT, and "cannot ensure that passengers at United States airports are screened objectively, show that the program is cost-effective, or reasonably justify the program’s expansion." Yet the TSA has continue to train and deploy thousands of Behavior Detection Officers, costing taxpayers more than $900 million.



  1. absurdity from the absurd!

  2. Courtesy of Jewmerika and her handler Israhell the epicenters of evil.

  3. And most people still aren't aware that a comprehensive police state now has all the other pieces in place. All the goobermint needs is one or two big false flags, or a deliberate staged war with a real financial collapse, to $justify" it.

  4. A country of morons who give up their freedom and then turn on countries trying to improve their lives, deserves no better. A land sheep too scared to turn off the lights at night, deserves to be treated this way. Those who will not fight to keep their rights, lose them.
    Of course the whole world is now aware that A- moron-ica is the epicenter of all the bullshit currently going on as a few greedy puss bags try to foist their psychopathic vision on the world.
    It will end badly and in the end those who started this will pay dearly, but tens of millions will die before then.

  5. There are also some sure ways to identify terrorists that were developed after 1000+ hour exhaustive studies spanning millions of dollars in expenditure, using the most widely respected behavioral scientists. These techniques will soon be used at all major airports throughout America. The study concluded that all known terrorists have these common traits, as well as all members if ISIS, and al Quaeda. You can help the TSA by spotting these behaviors of any persons flying out of the airport you are in. Please report them as soon as you either see or suspect anyone of the following behaviors:
    1) Breathing 2)Looking around at anyone else 3)Having matching shoes or socks
    4) Talking to your child or spouse. 5) being irritated by morons groping you or asking to remove your shoes for screenings. 6) Personal use of caffeinated products exceeding 2 fluid ounces ( coffee). 7) scratching an itch. 8) Sneezing.
    It is worth repeating, All of these behaviors were positively identified as observed in all of the known terrorists today. If you can count to at least 3, and can complete an exhaustive 5 minute training process, please consider an important career in the TSA.

  6. and they'll waive the counting to 3 criterion if you're keen enough!

  7. Hey they are constantly making improvements better to serve us and keep us safe and to bring the TSA staff to current public school common core standards. All while doubling the ticket prices in "security fees" Wow another machine to siphon our wallets dry.