March 27, 2015

Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his entire fortune to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook is giving hundreds of millions of dollars to charity.

Cook, who is close to becoming a billionaire, says he will pay for his nephew's college education, then donate the rest of his wealth to philanthropic projects, according to Fortune.
Cook isn't the first top executive to give his money away.
Warren Buffett and Bill Gates launched The Giving Pledge in 2010 -- a campaign to persuade billionaires to give at least half of their fortunes to charity. More than a hundred have signed up so far, including Michael Bloomberg and Facebook  's Mark Zuckerberg.
Others, like Cook, are going their own way. Last year, Alibaba   co-founder Jack Ma started a multi-billion dollar charity.
Cook certainly has plenty of funds to give away. His pay at Apple   more than doubled last year to $9.2 million, according to a regulatory filing. In 2014, $145 million worth of stock awards vested, and he's got another $536 million in stock awards to come. 
Cook, who came out last year, also told Fortune that he felt his sexuality was a "yawner," especially internally at Apple.


  1. Peace be with him, wonderful spirit of the man, helping others, to be helpers to those in need, say teachers, prison guards, nurses, and those willing to help the less fortunate, Good men do good things, and this is one good man

  2. In other words...filthy-rich Tim Cook will be transferring his money 100% TAX-FREE to other filthy-rich people, just like him; not one needy person will ever touch one penny of that money!