March 12, 2015

GameStop donates $50,000 to family of Philly cop who was shot and killed inside one of their stores

Officials with GameStop are the latest to honor slain Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III with a large donation to his family.
GameStop executives stopped by the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police headquarters Wednesday and dropped off a $50,000 check for Wilson’s family.

“They really didn’t want any fanfare,” said FOP President John McNesby. “They didn’t want any cameras. They didn’t want any crazy stuff. They just wanted to come in very quietly. They didn’t want to take away from the heroic actions of Officer Wilson.”
In addition to the $50,000 check, GameStop officials also plan on setting up donation jars for Wilson’s family in stores along the east coast. All of the proceeds will go to Officer Wilson’s memorial fund.

Wilson, a 30-year-old father of two, was killed during a robbery at the GameStop on Lehigh Avenue in North Philadelphia last Thursday.
Wilson was in full uniform when brothers Carlton Hipps, 30, and Ramone Williams, 26, entered the GameStop store inside and announced the robbery, subsequently sparking a "fierce and violent" gun battle that ended with the officer being shot in the head and killed, according to officials. 

"They were both firing at him," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. "He was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire but he continued to fight, continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down."
Wilson is being hailed a hero and is credited with saving the lives of customers and store employees, according to Ramsey.

Both Williams and Hipps are charged with Wilson’s murder.



  1. Too bad he didn't take one or both of these thugs down first... I guess if he had we'd have been hearing about how they were 'good boys' who were 'getting their life together' and 'we're going to start college soon' hehe. We probably would've gotten more 'black lives matter' protestors and cries to investigate the 'systemic racism' that's apparently inherent in any police noticing the complexion of those who are overwhelmingly responsible for urban violent crime and trying to do anything that's effective at bringing them to justice.

  2. Game Stop has earned the right to be boycotted.