March 06, 2015

Majority of Americans now support marijuana legalization, survey shows

Pot prohibition is going up in smoke. 
A majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana for the first time in recent history, according to a new survey.
Researchers asked 1,680 people whether they thought marijuana should be made legal.
According to the General Social Survey (GSS), which is considered the nation’s most reliable, 51.7 percent said they supported legalization and 41.7 percent said they opposed it, while 6.6 percent were undecided.
“We’ve been measuring public attitudes toward legalization of marijuana since the ’70s,” Tom W. Smith, director of the GSS, said in an interview with Yahoo News. “In 2012, you had a plurality of Americans against legalization. Now, in 2014, you have a majority in favor of legalization.”
The Washington Post, which first reported on this new data, points out that the drastic change resembles America’s evolving opinion on gay marriage — and there has been a drastic change in the past few years.
Smith notes that the percentage of undecided respondents on the question of marijuana has been relatively high over the past decade.
“It shows how attitudes are in flux. They’re just not sure,” Smith said. “They might think medical marijuana is OK but not further than that.”
He suggested that some Americans may need to weigh the longstanding reputation of cannabis as a gateway drug with the reality of recreational use in Colorado, Washington State, Alaskathe District of Columbia and (this July) Oregon.
Back in 1973, the first year of the survey, only 19.2 percent of Americans supported legalization. That figure bottomed out at 15.6 percent in 1987 but has climbed more or less steadily ever since.
Morgan Fox, communications manager for the Marijuana Policy Project, says that Americans are tired of laws that punish adults for enjoying a substance that many argue is safer than alcohol.


  1. Polls of this sort, "a majority of people favor legalizing marijuana", have been touted for years. They're never reliable. In fact, they have always been a clear fraud. Why?

    Because the questions asked are always confusing something referred to as, "medical" marijuana, with the legalize all dope organizations that are advocating making it legal to drive a car 20 mph over the speed limit while smoking a joint on the freeway.

    That's the prosecution problem they are constantly whining about. They don't think it should be against the law to drive around getting stoned. These people are nuts.

    If we polled these people exclusively, they'd be for legalizing all dope. They're clearly not rational. In fact, they are quite delusional, and phony polls of this sort endlessly being cited prove it just how irrational they are.

    Besides, any socially reliable poll would have to exclude all the auto-driving-potheads.

    They are just criminals. They should have no political say on this question of public safety. They should have their drivers licenses taken away, until they can prove themselves completely dope-free.

    Their removal from the people who get polled in these phony polls, would drive the positive number in this poll down about 15%. These anti-social pothead misfits are in every community. You see them everywhere you go, sometimes shouting at a lamppost, and sometimes walking around unshaven, with no shoes or shirt on. They're easy to recognize. They're like a dog with mange, always scratching themselves. They believe much more strongly in smoking dope 24/7, than in going to the dentist or the barber. They call it freedom. LoL

    So, if anyone really wants a reliable pool of people to put this question to, I think it only fair that we poll parents who have children between the ages of 12 and 18. Those kids are the target market of the legal dope the Obama Administration wants to sell. It goes along with the dumming-down of Common Core. "Hear, smoke some of this, smarty-pants!"

    Dope is for dummies. And people who cite polls like this one, prove their own membership in the infamous club.

  2. Well we have here another poll that was a total waste of time. People that want or need to use marijuana are doing just that and they could care less about the laws.