March 23, 2015

Students Shocked to Learn Their Share of National Debt

America’s national debt is growing by the second and currently stands at more than $18 trillion.
Every day, $2.32 billion is added. And that interest adds up, too.
From Fox News:
Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform took a walk around Charleston, South Carolina, recently to see what students think of the more than $18 trillion in national debt.

That equals about $56,000 owed to the federal government per individual. And when taking into account the $126 trillion in unfunded liabilities – like Social Security and Medicare – the number swells to $1.1 million per person.
Bonham asked students their birth date, then plugged that into a calculator to figure out each person’s lifetime share of debt.
First, he asked them what they’d do if they got a check for that enormous amount, but then he broke the news about what the number actually represents.
One student’s response? “Holy s**t.”
He then accused lawmakers of failing to think about future generations.
Another said “we got to do something to change that,” while a group of women blamed the rising debt on President Obama.

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  1. Hopefully these students will also learn the meaning of "odious debt" and then find the stones to tell the government to get lost. But they will have to learn this on their own -- government schools certainly are not going to tell them.