March 05, 2015

Texas Town Privatizes Police Force, Then THIS Happened…

You’ll often hear big government types scream that privatization of government departments and ‘roles’ will cause pure anarchy! No one in the private sector could possibly do the job of the government more effectively or efficiently right?
Well a town in Sharpstown, Texas decided to give privatization a try and they did it with their police force.
That’s correct, they didn’t renew the contract with their existing public police force and brought in a private company to police their town.
You won’t believe how it turned out or maybe you will.

From The Blaze:

Since SEAL Security Solutions took over law enforcement in Sharpstown, crime has reportedly dropped by 61 percent in just 20 months.
James Alexander, director of operations for SEAL Security Solutions said, “Since we’ve been in there, an independent crime study that they’ve had done [indicates] we’ve reduced the crime by 61 percent,”according to
In addition to the apparent increase in efficiency, the private firm is reportedly saving taxpayers roughly $200,000 each year — even though the community is getting more patrol officers than before.
The SEAL officers also don’t “receive the same protection, as we are in the private sector,” according to Alexander. He argues that leads to better accountability because they have to worry about keeping their jobs.
BINGO! The key word in all of this is… drum roll please… accountability!  Those who are government entities tend not to care about accountability because they don’t have to.  They are typically unionized and therefore protected no matter what they do wrong.

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