April 16, 2015

12 Foods That Cause Headache

 Do you have an awful headache? Are you suffering from migraine? Well, even if you do not have migraine, you must know that there are certain foods that cause headache.
For instance, you may love coffee and chocolates. These may not affect you if you consume them in reasonable quantities, however consuming these in large quantities may result in severe headaches. 

Foods like alcohol, chocolate and caffeine may trigger cruel headaches in a few people, especially if you are sensitive to these.
Some foods can trigger headaches in some individuals. You must know that, what are the foods, which may be sensitive to your body.
In order to clear this confusion, the article highlights the top 12 foods that cause headache:

1. Coffee If you have sensitivity to caffeine, then you should avoid drinking coffee. The reason is, it may give you a headache.  Although sometimes caffeine is used to relieve headache and it is also included in some migraine medicines. But if you are sensitive to caffeine, it can be a headache trigger for you.
 2. Chocolate Chocolate is one of the various foods that cause head ache. People who are suffering from migraine should avoid eating too much of chocolates as it can trigger terrible headache. 

 3. Alcohol If you are already a migraine sufferer, you should avoid any kind of alcohol. Alcohol present in drinks like red wine increases the flow of blood to your brain and it can also give rise to dehydration which might trigger a severe headache.
 4. Soy Sauce Among the numerous foods that cause head ache, soy sauce is also worth mentioning. Soy sauce contains MSG or Monosodium Glutamate which causes diarrhea, cramps and horrific headaches.  Soy sauce is also saline in nature which results in dehydration which triggers headache. 
 5. Cheese Do not consume aged cheese which has been stored in the refrigerator for many days. Avoid eating older cheese because it contains "Tyramine" substance which increases over time and hence can trigger headache.
 6. Ice Cream Ice cream is one of the top foods that cause head ache. It is not the ice cream but its chilliness which when gulped down hurriedly may cause adverse effects.  If you are suffering from migraine, you should avoid eating ice cream too fast or else you can get a stabbing headache.

 8. Bananas If you are sensitive to "Tyramine", you must avoid eating bananas. The peel of banana contains "Tyramine" (which triggers headache) which can stick to the banana pulp when you eat it.
 9. Tannins Red wine, red pears and apples as well as the apple juice contain tannins due to which these foods have a very harsh taste. Tannins can trigger headache in some individuals.
 10. Leftovers The percentage of "Tyramine" intensifies over the time. Moreover, if you have stored the food in an improper way, it can make conditions worse.  Leftover foods contain "Tyramine" in large amounts and hence they must be avoided. Thus, stay away from eating the leftover foods which are the foods that cause tension headache.
 11. Sulfites Many dried fruits like figs, prunes and apricots, processed foods and wines contain "Sulfites" which is a different preservative. This is an headache trigger and you should stay away from it. 
 12. Aspartame Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which is used in sugar-free desserts, candies, beverages and light yogurts. One should avoid eating all these foodstuff as these are foods that cause tension headache.

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