April 29, 2015

A single mom was fired before she could even start her new daycare job after posting this on Facebook

The ‘Moron of the Day’ award goes to a woman in Texas.
Apparently this woman got a brand new job working at a daycare.  Good news right?

Not so fast. The problem? She posted on Facebook that she hates working for daycare.
Rare has the story:
Kaitlyn Walls had just secured a new job in The Colony, Texas at a daycare center, but didn’t even get to work her first day before getting fired.
“I start my new job today, but I absolutely hate working at day care,” she wrote on Facebook.
The daycare center got wind of the post, perhaps through small town gossip, and fired her.
“I really needed it really bad,” she told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “I’m a single mom … trying to get out on my own.”
“I had all these girls attacking me because I don’t want to be around a lot of kids all the time,” she added. “I actually cried. It really hurt because I wasn’t trying to offend anybody.”
If you’re that desperate for a job that you have to take one you hate (MANY people do that all the time), just suck it up until a better one comes along.
At least vent only to your closest friends and not on your public Facebook page.
Hard to feel any sympathy for this woman when she would have been a nightmare to the little kids she didn’t want to be working with.
The daycare that fired her did the right thing.
In this case, it really was ‘for the children.’

Watch the news report here:

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