April 04, 2015

List of Things FAR MORE Trustworthy Than President Obama

Former Mayor of New York – Rudy Giuliani – set off a political firestorm a while back by suggesting that President Obama doesn’t love America. Many in the media pretended to be outraged over his comments. But, is there any evidence to back up his assertions? 
Noted economist – Dr. Thomas Sowell – thinks there is.  One News Now reports:
Against that background of strife and dangers on the world stage, it may seem as if Barack Obama’s feelings, or Rudolph Giuliani’s opinion about those feelings, should not matter so much, especially when it is hard to know with certainty how anyone feels. Yet when someone is the leader of a great nation at a historic juncture, it is more than idle curiosity to know what drives him.

Anyone who simply looks at the factual evidence as to whether Obama loves America, or does not, will find remarkably little to suggest love and a large amount of evidence, over a long period of years, showing his constant close association with people fiercely hostile to this country.
Dr. Sowell goes on to list some of this evidence in the One News Now column:
Barack Obama’s campaign promise to “fundamentally change the United States of America” hardly suggests love. Nor did his international speaking tour in 2009, telling foreign audiences that America was to blame for problems on the world stage.
Yet, it seems the national media was too busy fawning over the historic nature of the Obama presidency to closely examine his position statements and public history.  Perhaps a much different picture would have emerged if they had.  Dr. Sowellgoes on:
President Obama’s record in the White House has been more of the same. Among his earliest acts were offending our oldest and closest allies, Britain and Israel, and betraying the country’s previous commitments to provide anti-missile defenses to Poland and the Czech Republic.

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