April 28, 2015

Oklahoma lawmaker threatens to set himself on fire over abortion issue

During a discussion of a recent Oklahoma senate bill linked to pay raises for judicial personnel, a representative became so upset he threatened the possibility of setting himself on fire in protest.
"If I were not a Christian, and didn't have a prohibition against suicide, I'd walk across the street [to the state Supreme Court building], douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire to protest the evil that is going on over there...” Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin Calvey, (R-Oklahoma City) raged last week.
Calvey made the intense claim following examination of Senate Bill 548 and its associated amendments, which would provide 6 percent raises, paid from court fees, for Supreme Court justices and other appellate court judges and employees, as reported by NewsOK.
Video footage of the senate proceedings show an aggravated Calvey referencing past court rulings that have failed to protect "the least among us," referring to a fetus still in the womb. To Calvey, withholding the pay increase would be effective in punishing the justices, NewsOK reported.
Regarding abortion, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has made rulings that directly affected anti-abortions legislation in the state of Oklahoma in the past three years. The rulings included a 2012 decision in which the court decided that a law requiring a woman to have an ultrasound at least one hour before getting an abortion was unconstitutional.

Co-authored by fellow State Reps. Earl Sears, R-Battlesville, and Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, Senate Bill 548 successfully passed with tabled amendments and will soon return to the Senate for final consideration.


  1. It is of the utmost importance to keep two things in mind...

    1) - Separation of church and state
    2) - Premium grade burns more slowly than regular so always opt for the good stuff

  2. A right is a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man's range of activity in a social environment, and this right principle is that a man must never initiate the use of physical force in human interactions.

    A woman has a right to do whatever she wants to with her own physical body, which is her most intimate personal property, and without property rights there are NO rights.

    Oklahoma State Representative Kevin Calvey has exactly the same right to do with his body that the woman has to do with hers. If he wants to set himself on fire then he should exercise that right.

    It is because of Christian clods like Calvey, and the brainwashed Christian constituents that vote for people like him, that I moved OUT of Oklahoma.

  3. Well isnt this rich...a person who will never have to undergo such a decision, wants to control everyone's decision? You don't see us females screaming in front of clinics who do procedures on men to make them unable to have viable sperm...why isn't he doing something about that? freaking wedge issues.

  4. "If I were not a Christian, and didn't have a prohibition against suicide, I'd walk across the street [to the state Supreme Court building], douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire..."

    Promises promises.....

    "If I were not a ancestor-worshiping neanderthal blowhard, and didn't have a prohibition against common sense...., I'd douse myself with gasoline and set my dogma on fire."

  5. Of course, a vasectomy doesn't kill a developing baby.

  6. Your # 1 and #2 share something in common: both are jokes.

  7. Basic biology: it's her body AND her unborn baby's body.

  8. Another sad commentary on a society that has lost its moral compass .... big time!