April 05, 2015

Tesco wins £1.50 compensation over spilt milk

The UK's biggest supermarket has won £1.50 from an unemployed man who spilt a bottle of milk in a store.
Retail giant Tesco will receive the compensation from shopper Cornelius Price, 40, following a court hearing.
Price was hauled before Magistrates after an altercation in the Llandrindod Wells branch of the multi-billion pound company.
The court heard how Price was asked to leave the store - and threw a six-pint bottle milk on the floor in anger.
Prosecutor Julie Sullivan said: "He was told to return the milk he was holding and leave the store and he threw it at the floor in temper.
"He was verbally abusive and escorted off the premises. One pound fifty pence compensation is requested for the milk."
Price was interviewed by police and told them he had throw it towards the store manager saying "catch it" and that it had accidentally spilled on the floor.
Unemployed Price admitted criminal damage at magistrates in Llandrindod Wells, Wales.
Phil Sherrard, defending, said: "This minor criminal damage. He knows he should have been more careful with the milk."

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  1. Why is this news? Of course he should have to pay for the product he destroyed. It wasn't some accident. He was being negligent by throwing the bottle of milk across the room. The store shouldn't have to eat the cost of that bottle of milk.