May 31, 2015

15 Questions You’re Not Supposed To Ask In America Today

1) If Islam is really a religion of peace, as opposed to a particularly violent religion, then why do so many people and organizations across the world refuse to show Muhammad cartoons out of fear that they’ll be murdered by devout Muslims for doing it?
2) If illegal immigrants are supposed to help our economy, then why weren’t they helping the economies of the poor nations they fled?

3) Given that Hillary Clinton’s nearly accomplishment-free political career has been based on riding the coattails of a serial adulterer who has humiliated and cheated on her over and over, isn’t Hillary Clinton a terrible role model for young women?
4) If Barack Obama can directly contradict the laws on the books by refusing to deport millions of illegal aliens because of “prosecutorial discretion,” couldn’t a Republican President use the same precedent and refuse to prosecute people who don’t pay a capital gains tax or who violate EPA rules?
5) Wouldn’t it be just as stupid to send teenage Boy Scouts into the woods alone with gay men as it would to send teenage Girl Scouts into the woods alone with heterosexual men? …
6) Why should we take the threat of climate change seriously enough to cut back our lifestyles when even Al Gore, the foremost promoter of global warming hysteria, lives in a mansion, flies on private jets and rides around in SUVs? …
7) If we’re not willing to ask middle class Americans to at least pay in taxes what services provided to them from the government cost, then isn’t it time to start paring back the services the government offers until we get to a level of government that everyone but the poor is willing and able to pay for? …
8) If ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has nothing to do with Islam, then why does it have “Islamic” in its name? …
9) If cites like Detroit and Baltimore have been run by liberals for decades, then aren’t Democrats fully responsible for the problems those cities have?
10) Isn’t it racist to argue that black Americans are so uniquely stupid and incompetent that they can’t even manage to get a government ID to vote?
11) If a man works more hours than a woman, takes off less time to be with his children and does more unpleasant, difficult jobs, shouldn’t he make more money than she does?

12) Isn’t a media personality — with a platform that gets him out to large numbers of people — who falsely accuses someone of racism doing much more damage to society and promoting more hatred than some hick or frat boy who hates black people because of the color of their skin?
13) If Barack Obama can make large changes to Obamacare without the approval of Congress, then couldn’t a Republican President use the same precedent to gut Obamacare regardless of what Congress has to say about it? …
14) If gun-free zones are effective and border fences are ineffective, why is the border of the White House surrounded by a huge fence guarded by lots of Secret Service agents with guns?
15) If black Americans commit 49.3% of all murders and account for 51.5% of all violent crime among juveniles, yet there are almost two white Americans killed by the police for every black American (2,151 vs. 1130 over 12 years), then aren’t black Americans actually less likely to be killed by police than you’d expect given the crime statistics?


  1. "1) If Islam is
    really a religion of peace...."

    Show gross disrespect to anybody and you should not be surprised when something bad happens. But don't worry, after a couple of decades of western values inculcation, they will as quick to lie down as the rest of us.

  2. "8) If ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has nothing to do with Islam, then why does it have “Islamic” in its name?"

    Because it's creators at Langley though that would be a nifty name.

  3. this must have been written by a zionist.

  4. "9) If cites
    like Detroit and Baltimore have been run by liberals for decades, then
    aren’t Democrats fully responsible for the problems those cities have?"

    For some things, sure. But many of the problems are created at the national level, like the outsourcing of the jobs, the creation of a debilitating welfare state, and the importation of hard drugs.

  5. some are legit, some are disengenouis. all poor people except the homeless have to have an id, the first thing illegals do is get papers, to qualify for social services. no question as to why we can't analyze israel. or why jews are 2 percent of the population, yet receive far more welfare and social benefits than blacks or hispanics. why was the affordable care act good when the republicans were pushing it in the 90s, but bad when the democrats were pushing the same bill in2010, which republicans now claim is bad.

    why doesn't anyone ask why election aren't free and open to anyone with enough signatures. why don't multinational corporations pay taxes, when they get 1000 dollars of welfare per 1 penny of welfare for the poor. why do christians and jews believe its alright for them to rape, murder, and steal, but if anyone else does it or questions it, its wrong. can go on and on

  6. If a man and woman are working the exact same job, they should be paid the same wage. The fact that women have (for the most part) raised children for free is a point that still needs to be discussed. It involved longer hours and more disgusting, tiresome, and exhausting duties than men ever dream of.
    The fact that black juveniles get charged with more crimes than white juveniles does not mean that white juveniles are not committing the same or more crimes. It means that when a white juvenile gets caught, the police aren't called, his parents are. It means that when a white kid goes before a judge, he gets a talking to, and a black get gets two years. Do you really believe that in Washington, New York, and Hollywood, rich people aren't doing drugs? Yet their doors are never bashed in, flash grenades do not explode in their houses and their next door neighbors don't get shot because the police are at the wrong house. The fact is, black neighborhoods are already living in the police state that we all fear is coming. And if we don't stop it for them, there will be no one to stop it for us.
    One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Bow Down to Any Graven Image." Yet images of Christ on the Cross abound in churches around the world. Muslims have the same commandment, but they follow it more strictly. Not only do they not create images of God, or Mohammed, they have at times enforced not making images of people, who are in God's image. Thus, a lot of their art is patterns, not portraiture, and they do not have theater. Why are you mocking devout peoples' devotion to the Commandments, by making images that mean nothing to you, but offend them?
    And why don't you know that ISIS is funded by the U.S. and our allies, allowing us to create proxy wars to achieve our political ends and, even more importantly, arm both sides? And if we have the money for billion dollar planes that don't work, why don't you think we can afford to fund schools and libraries?

  7. Yup, like the democratic republic of North Corea.
    Where in this is what we consider truth.
    And ISIS is islamic, yup as the oclahoma bomber is a christian faightfull.
    i didnt bother to reac the rest.
    Jesus f.... christ.


  8. 11. wouldn't 10 nukes dropped on 10 US cites by Russia end all this madness.

  9. q16 If Israel is our indispensable ally - why do we have to fight so many wars on their behalf?

  10. Some of the dumbest questions. Where are the questions about Jews? How about, "How is it that people can say what they want about Islam and people defend their right to say it, but people like Mel Gibson catch Hell for saying similar things about Jews?"

  11. The naziZionists also thought that it would have a nice ring to it, rather than Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ... it is well documented that these psychos like to play around with the cryptic - right in front of our eyes.

  12. 16) If the Texas legislature is so keen on open carry gun rights, why doesn't it allow guns in its own legislative chamber?
    17) If Christianity is so much better than Islam, why does it have two gods, the old testament god(to condemn) and the new testament god(to redeem), in direct violation of it's supposed principle of monotheism?
    18) If three of the men who were Speaker of the House at the time of Bill Clinton's impeachment either had to step down, at the time, because of hypocritical marital infidelity themselves, or were later charged with sexual misconduct - what message does that send to young women of today?
    19) If Fox News has been caught telling outright lies and spreading partisan Republican propaganda hundreds of times, decade after decade, why is it still ALLOWED to create "news" narratives, that are then picked up by the other networks and treated as actual news?

  13. Here's my 10+3

    1.) Isn't the Holocaust a total fraud?
    2.) Didn't the allied powers with their Zionist mentors start world war II?
    3) Isn't our world, today, a mess because of Zionist deceit and duplicity?
    4.) Isn't our government and all of its representatives slaves to Zionist Jewish Power?
    5.) Isn't the media and entertainment controlled by Zionist?
    6.) Aren't all of our banks and financial institutions dominated by Zionists?
    7.) Wasn't our 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy murdered by the Zionist in cooperation with our CIA?
    8.) Wasn't his brother, would be president and Senator from New York, Robert F. Kennedy murdered by the Zionist in cooperation with our CIA?
    9.) Haven't all wars in the Middle East been undertaken for the benefit Israel?
    10.) Wasn't 9/11 and inside job carried out by the Zionist in cooperation with our CIA?

    11) Isn't the demonization of others standard American policy to justify wars of conquest for other people's resources: thik Kaiser, Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, the Muslims, ISIS, yada, yada, yada?
    12) Hasn't the economy been destroyed for the benefit of Zionist international banks?
    13) Isn't the left nothing but gatekeepers for the zionist.

    Free speech means they will stay up, right ???

  14. "8) If ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) has nothing to do with Islam, then why does it have “Islamic” in its name?"

    If Federal Donuts and Federal Express are not Federal Agencies, why do they have "Federal" in their names?

  15. "1) If Islam is really a religion of peace, as opposed to a particularly violent religion, then why do so many people and organizations across the world refuse to show Muhammad cartoons out of fear that they’ll be murdered by devout Muslims for doing it?"

    If 25% of the world's population are Muslims and they are particularly violent, as you suggest, why haven't they already killed everyone? Why do Muslim majority countries have far less violent crimes than their non-Muslim counterparts?

    According to a recent study, conducted by Professor M. Steven Fish, "Predominantly, Muslim countries average 2.4 murders per annum per 100,000 people, compared to 7.5 in non-Muslim countries."

  16. Guillotine_readyMay 31, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    When my kids were little I watched them all day while my wife worked and I worked the night shift, it was hard and no one talked about paying me for it. Nor would I expect it. Yes women do an important job raising the family, but realize some of us men have been very involved and dividing the labors of the household is how people make it work.

  17. is it illegal to use a legal name?

  18. ISIS Flag Literally Reads "ALL JEW 2050" IN ENGLISH

  19. HEY!! Be careful! Don't you know that "For the Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth"? At least according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. But what did he know?

  20. Because "For the Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  21. My ex and I did not divide the labour. I worked and still changed almost every diaper. I would come home to my child soaking wet. I did almost every feeding. I did ALL the reading to, butt wiping during toilet training, snot cleaning, wound kissing, walks, carting to carnivals, friends houses, school activities where I was outnumbered by mothers 50 to 1. Then when I left the c*^t I had custody and paid "child support"!

  22. Bang, right on the nail's head. Good job and you now have my respect. To find out who is really in control, find out who you can't criticize.

  23. If you punch in the word Republican + and the word Democrat + into the calculator, push = what word do you read? Answer: Agenda. ISIS was born out of a political agenda. The politician always must have a enemy, it is good for the bottom line. $$$ So, old people tell me, War is for rich men, but it is a poor mans battle. All wars since the American Revolution, have been started for political gain.

  24. 7. Ask the middle class to pay taxes to pay for the services it gets from the federal government...

    Dude do you pay taxes? Because I have done tax prep for many many people for a couple of years and let me tell you the middle class pay lots of taxes, usually because they earn too much to qualify for the earned income tax. And usually these people would rather starve to death than be seen with an EBT card much less a food bank (unless they are volunteering).

    I pray that you have an honest glimpse into the utter desperation of what it is like to poor and hungry. I hope that you get gout until you do.

  25. disqus_q0fJBDaGHmJune 1, 2015 at 6:39 AM

    way better than the silly and naïve article

  26. Peoples should votes fer Ronald!

  27. Um, correction: The 'left' AND the 'right' are gatekeepers for the zionist scum...

  28. More importantly: The 'Federal' Reserve

  29. moresnare, too my mind the right are cheerleaders, while the left are the phony pressure relief valve.

    Lets call it "two heads of the same snake".