May 30, 2015

82-year-old arrested for slashing tires over bingo

Police arrested an 82-year-old man for slashing a woman's tires because he claims she was sitting in his favorite bingo seat.
Fred Smith was charged with criminal mischief to a vehicle last week when, police say, he took an ice pick to Ethel Britt's van.
She celebrated her 88th birthday Friday and has since been questioning why Smith targeted her car.
"I didn't think anyone would be low enough to do that to my car because I didn't know I had any enemies in my life,” she said. “I thought everybody was my friend, but undoubtedly I have one enemy.”
Police say Smith stormed out of a weekly bingo game at the Lake Ashton Club House and punctured two of Britt's tires because she was sitting in a chair he usually sits in.
"I didn't know it meant that much to him to do that to my tires," Britt continued.
"It's quite frankly a childish-type crime," offered Lake Wales Deputy Chief Troy Schulze. "The man admitted to it when the officer told him what he was there to investigate. He was apologetic. He said he was embarrassed. He regretted doing it, but he took ownership of it and said that even in the embarrassment he had to face consequences."
Those consequences could include about $500 in tire damage and restitution back to Britt.

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