May 04, 2015

Accidental Death Stats Might Make Moms Demand Heads Explode

Moms Demand are starting a brand new ‘raging lunatic’ campaign pushing for more gun control. One of their focuses this time are accidental firearm deaths.
What’s interesting is the CDC recently came out with statistics that show accidental gun deaths numbered 505 in the entire United States with a population of over 330 million.

From Breitbart:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) final report on death statistics for 2013 shows there were 35,369 deaths from motor vehicle accidents versus 505 deaths from the accidental discharge of firearms.
That is not a typo—35,369 versus 505. Americans are 70 times more likely to die in a vehicle accident than by the accidental discharge of a firearm.
Yet Michael Bloomberg, Moms Demand Action, and Everytown for Gun Safety have not uttered a peep about Ford, Dodge, or Toyota control. They are utterly consumed with a new gun control push framed around accidental firearm deaths.
Again—35,369 deaths from motor vehicle accidents versus 505 accidental deaths from firearms. Just reading that ratio creates a sinking feeling in your stomach that perhaps the pursuit of gun control is totally unfounded.
Obviously gun owners are safe with their firearms.  It is estimated that there are over 100 million Americans who own firearms in this country. Clearly accidental deaths would be far greater if the majority weren’t being safe.
What it proves is the paid Moms Demand harpies don’t actually care about accidental gun deaths, they simply want to push more gun control.

Because the terrible tragedies involving accidental firearm deaths are often reported on the national news, ignorant people somehow attribute that behavior to all gun owners.

The reality is clear – 99.999999999999999999% of gun owners are safe.
Maybe Moms Demand Gunsense should switch over to the Moms Demand Carsense group.
People should be more concerned about the lunatics of Moms Demand getting behind the wheel. Crazies like that shouldn’t be driving, they are more likely to cause an accidental death than a gun owner.

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