May 16, 2015

California passes SB 277 bill, forcing all children to get vaccinated before kindergarten

A new bill has been passed by legislators in California which overrides the convictions of parents not to vaccinate their children based on personal beliefs, and which mandates all children to get vaccinated before entering kindergarten.
Parents who insist on not vaccinating their children have a choice however; they can home-school their children; only children with weakened immune system are exempted from the coverage of the bill once it becomes law.
The bill was sponsored by Sen. Richard Pan, a pediatrician, and Sen. Benjamin Allen with the purposes of reducing diseases that can be prevented with vaccines. To this end, all parents must vaccinate their children to be able to get admitted into kindergarten, while those who are unvaccinated and already in school must do so before they get to 7th grade; or rather withdraw such children for home-schooling.
If the Senate approves the passage of the bill into law, California will be the 33rd state to have such compulsory vaccination law in place. Naturally there were oppositions to the bill, but it scaled through on a 25-10 votes.
Senate Republican leader Robert Huff of Diamond Bar opposed the bill, saying any disease will come to an end just as was seen with the measles outbreak in Disneyland. He insisted people should not give up their personal freedoms and rights for any vaccination if they don’t believe in such and the state should respect this.
Sen. Joel Anderson wanted to know the composition of these vaccines because according to him, many people would oppose it once it became apparent that they were formulated from the cells of aborted fetuses; and people would naturally shy away from such vaccines out of religious beliefs.


  1. ahh good old Communist Mexifornia.

  2. Vaccines are unsafe and often ineffective. It is totalitarian to force people to take them.

    For information on vaccines, see NVIC dotorg, AgeOfAutism dotcom, VaccinationCouncil
    dotorg, VacLib dotorg, VacTruth dotcom, VaccineResearchLibrary dotcom, VaxTruth
    dotorg, ThinkTwice dotcom, DissolvingIllusions dotcom, DrTenpenny dotcom,
    VaccineMyth dotorg, and VaccineImpact dotcom. NaturalNews, NaturalSociety, GreenMedInfo, NaturalBlaze and HealthImpactNews also often have very interesting articles about vaccines.

  3. Sending your kid to there state run school is more deadly than the shots so this is a win win not too.

  4. Americans are getting what they deserve for their ridiculous hyper-insanity and never-ending belief and trust in lying maniacs.

  5. Today there are over 200 new inoculations just waiting in the wings for cursory approval and forced on the Citizens. If they worked the reported immunity would be contagious and the disease would die out, instead any immunity is short lived and the disease grows stronger. Citizens have a right to a clean healthy immune system, unpolluted by commercial products that only provide momentary immunity but life long destruction to our immune systems. Protect yourself with natural foods, herbs and clean living, build up your own immune system as man kind has survived all these millions of years without this crap.

  6. Whether vaccines are effective, ineffective, deadly, miraculous, or whatever, for a government troll to enact legislation that forces you to take a medical procedure against your considered choice is tyranny.

    California, take a look at what Colorado did when "legislators" passed a bill that was contrary to the public desires. It's time for some recall action. Take these tyrants out of office and send them home.