May 11, 2015

Chanel Murrish becomes the world's youngest open heart surgery patient at one minute old!

The Guinness World Records have declared one-year-old Chanel Murrish to be the youngest patient to undergo open heart surgery!
Last April, the European baby girl Chanel underwent the major heart surgery Newcastle's Freeman Hospital just one minute after being born. Her chances of survival were so low her parents Fay and Micheal were twice offered a termination.
The 25 year old mother Fay said that her baby proved every possibility wrong  and describes her as a determined little monkey. 
“The doctors told us she has low oxygen levels and probably wouldn’t have much energy but she’s got tonnes. She never stops.
“We knew she was probably the youngest in the UK to have the operation but the surgeon kept saying he thought she was the youngest in the world.We applied to the Guinness Records office and were amazed to find out she actually was.''
Since birth Chanel has undergone 10 operations, including two more open heart surgeries, to repair a condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means just the right side of her heart beats. She still requires further surgery to bypass the left side of her heart using arteries from her neck and legs when she will turn 3.
Fay added that her daughter Chanel is like an inspiration as she fought so strongly and now it feels so amazing that she is growing like a normal child although she's not able to crawl yet as she feels painful getting on her stomach, but she's a strong willed little girl with a real desire to live.

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